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Raised in Captivity by Chuck Klosterman is a WIRED Must-Read of the Summer

Touted for being funny, smart, and delightfully weird, Chuck Klosterman’s latest book (out July 16th) is a must-read of the season according toWIRED

Cultural critic and renowned author Chuck Klosterman has a knack for condensing the current cultural moment to its most essential elements. This Summer the Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs author is back with a book of “fictional non-fiction.” The upcoming Raised In Captivity is a story collection filled with Klosterman’s wit, wisdom, and appetite for the strange and unusual. 


WIRED chose Klosterman’s latest as much for its timely subject matterthe book touches on class, race, gender, and the anxieties that come with talking about them in a Trump-eraas for it’s ability to be “delightfully unsettling.”  Senior editor Angela Watercutter describes it as “funny, thoughtful, and unhinged” in a way that best describes the discomfort of the current pop culture moment. 


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