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| Jul 19th, 2019

Lavin Speakers Reflect on the 50th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing

July 20th, 2019, marks 50 years since NASA put a man on the moon. These are the Lavin Speakers talking about mankind’s greatest achievement.   One Giant Leap author Charles Fishman continues his 50 Days to the Moon series for Fast Company. The award-winning journalist is also appearing at NASA’s... Continue Reading →
leadership | Jul 19th, 2019

Retail Maverick Bonnie Brooks Formally Named CEO of Chico’s

As the first female President and CEO of the Hudson’s Bay Company, Bonnie Brooks restored the aging institution back to its former glory. More recently, she has been acting as interim CEO of Chico’s—the international women’s fashion retailer—following the abrupt departure of Shelley Broader.... Continue Reading →
technology | Jul 18th, 2019

Blurring the Boundaries of Privacy in a Digital Age: Tech Writer Susan Fowler Investigates for The New York Times

“The boundaries of privacy are in dispute, and its future is in doubt.” These are the words from the The Privacy Project, a limited-run newsletter in the New York Times that explores the blurring lines between public and private. Susan Fowler, the magazine’s Op-Ed Technology writer and #MeToo... Continue Reading →
leadership | Jul 17th, 2019

What Did JFK's Assassination Mean for the Moon Landing? Charles Fishman Investigates for Fast Company

The moon landing wouldn’t have happened without President John F. Kennedy, he who boldly promised the nation that we would reach the moon before the Soviets. But would we have gotten there by 1969—as promised—if he hadn’t been assassinated? In his latest article for Fast Company, Charles Fishman... Continue Reading →
teaching & learning | Jul 17th, 2019

Reforming Education: Top Ten Teaching and Learning Speakers

From boosting economic growth, to living healthier and happier lives, the benefits of education are rich and plenty. Lavin’s Top Ten Teaching and Learning Speakers address how we can reform our public institutions, deepen our knowledge, increase productivity, and ultimately, achieve more success.... Continue Reading →
technology | Jul 17th, 2019

What Are the Benefits of Meeting People Online? Atlantic Editor Derek Thompson Weighs In

The Internet is now the most popular way for couples to meet each other, claims a Stanford University paper. In their study focused on American heterosexual couples, researchers concluded that online dating has now “displaced friends and families as key intermediaries in the formation of new unions... Continue Reading →
leadership | Jul 16th, 2019

Lavin Speakers Nominated for Thinkers50: The World’s Most Prestigious Ranking of Management Thinkers

Thinkers50, the premier ranking of global business leaders, announced the nominees for their 2019 Distinguished Achievement Awards. Dubbed the “Oscars” of Management Thinking by the Financial Times, this year’s shortlist features no less than six Lavin Speakers, whose ideas are being recognized for... Continue Reading →
education | Jul 16th, 2019

Grit Speaker Lauren Eskreis-Winkler Investigates the Motivational Benefits of Advice-Giving

Common wisdom would suggest that offering advice to those who are struggling is helpful to them. But findings from the University of Pennsylvania suggest the opposite is true. In fact, it is the actually person dispensing the advice who is benefiting most. Lauren Eskreis-Winkler reveals the... Continue Reading →
astro | Jul 15th, 2019

Charles Fishman Explains How an Unlikely Pairing—Between NASA and Playtex—Led to the Apollo Spacesuits in Fast Company

In One Giant Leap, Charles Fishman writes the untold story of the moon landing—charting how the ambitious project was scaled through innovation, teamwork, and technological advancement. As part of Fast Company’s 50 Days to the Moon series—which features a story each day leading up to the 50th... Continue Reading →
innovation | Jul 15th, 2019

Randall Lane’s Forbes Under 30 Summit Asia Kicks off in Hong Kong

Over 300 of the most influential entrepreneurs will gather for the fourth annual Forbes Under 30 Summit Asia. Creator Randall Lane discusses the significance of the event, and the Under 30 platform as a whole. Forbes 30 Under 30 is practically a cultural institution. Conceived in 2011 by the... Continue Reading →
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