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cybersecurity | Feb 24th, 2020

Security Expert Laura Galante Speaks on Solving the Psychological Piece of the Cybersecurity Puzzle

As the former Director of Global Intelligence at FireEye (previously Mandiant), Laura Galante exposed some of the most sophisticated Russian and Chinese cyber espionage happening to U.S. corporations. Today, she speaks on how we can solve this enormous, unprecedented problem in human history.... Continue Reading →
innovation | Feb 21st, 2020

Neuroscientist Beau Lotto Teaches Us How to Rewire Our Brains to Spark Innovation

At his studio The Lab of Misfits, Beau Lotto runs science-backed experiments to help better understand our human desires—then uses those insights to help brands engage with both their customers and their employees.  “Innovation has to have constraints. It has two sides: creativity and efficiency... Continue Reading →
gender | Feb 21st, 2020

Lavin’s Top Gender Speakers Are Pushing Us Forward, Towards True Equality

  Susan Fowler is the former Uber engineer whose blog post ignited a worldwide conversation on the #MeToo movement. Named a Person of the Year by TIME, her bravery to stand up and speak out caused a massive shift in company culture—not just at Uber, but around the world.  Her hotly anticipated... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Feb 19th, 2020

Why 'Cartooning' Political Opponents is Bad for Us: Jay Van Bavel for the BBC

We tend to reduce our political opponents to caricatures and stereotypes, a practice that is further reinforced by social media. And though it may feel satisfying to call one another out publicly, the effects could be dangerous. Psychology professors Jay Van Bavel and Dominic Packer investigate for... Continue Reading →
psychology | Feb 19th, 2020

Psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman Interviews Bestselling Author Lori Gottlieb on Common Myths of Therapy

Psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb made waves when she released Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, a poignant memoir that’s spent week after week on the bestseller lists. Now, she joins fellow Lavin Speaker Scott Barry Kaufman on The Psychology Podcast to discuss the book, some misconceptions about... Continue Reading →
gender | Feb 18th, 2020

Why the ‘Business Case’ for Diversity Doesn’t Work: Rotman Professor Sarah Kaplan for Fast Company

Diversity is good for the workplace. The so-called “business case for diversity,” isn’t. Popular as it may be—trumpeted everywhere from the Wall Street Journal to the Financial Times—the “business case” is ultimately a failed strategy. Here to explain why is Rotman professor Sarah Kaplan in Fast... Continue Reading →
social change | Feb 18th, 2020

Former Uber Engineer Susan Fowler Appears on CBS to Discuss Her Highly Anticipated Memoir, Whistleblower, Out Today

Susan Fowler—the former Uber engineer whose viral blog post sparked a worldwide movement calling for justice on sexual harassment in the workplace—joined CBS This Morning to discuss the experiences detailed in her memoir, Whistleblower—out today. In her first TV interview about her new memoir,... Continue Reading →
arts & pop culture | Feb 13th, 2020

Pop Culture Guru Chuck Klosterman Announces New Music Podcast for Spotify

Beloved pop culture philosopher and author Chuck Klosterman is taking his sharp wit and wry observational humor off the page and onto the airwaves, with his new 12-week music podcast on Spotify. With co-host Chris Ryan of The Ringer, Klosterman will delve deep into his love of music, and the... Continue Reading →
politics & society | Feb 11th, 2020

Acclaimed Artist and Activist Molly Crabapple Interviewed on NPR's Democracy Now

On the latest Democracy Now, Molly Crabapple sat down with Amy Goodman and Juan González to discuss her time on the campaign trail with Bernie Sanders, the Electoral College system and the Democratic primaries—and how she is using her art and activism to fight for change.  “I was doing these... Continue Reading →
| Feb 10th, 2020

Lavin’s Top Pandemic Speakers Explore the Spread of Diseases like the Coronavirus

In just a couple of months the Coronavirus that emerged from the Chinese city of Wuhan has spread around the world, sparking a race to find treatments and vaccines against it. Zeroing in on how this deadly virus is spreading and what everyone can do to take preventative measures are The Lavin... Continue Reading →
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