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Google. Facebook. The new iProduct. The latest start-up. A few years ago, they didn’t exist. Today, life is unimaginable without them. These speakers discuss how seismic shifts in digital technology, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and more are changing politics, business, and culture.


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Anab Jain

Innovation Speaker, Founder & Director of Superflux

Designer, entrepreneur, TED Fellow, futurescaper: Anab Jain wears many hats, and brings them all together at her multidisciplinary design studio, Superflux. Based in London and India, Superflux is both a consultancy and a lab, operating in the realm of emerging technologies...
Jennifer Corriero

Co-Founder of TakingIT Global & Expert on the Net Generation

Jennifer Corriero is the co-founder of TakingITGlobal—one of the world’s first social networks—which engages hundreds of thousands of youths around the world to make a difference in their communities.
Virginia Heffernan

Magic and Loss: The Internet as Art

In her new book Magic and Loss, Virginia Heffernan treats the Internet not merely as a new technology or business tool, but as a great masterpiece of civilization—a massive and collective work of art ...

Douglas Rushkoff

Author of Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus, Present Shock and Program or Be Programmed

The digital economy could provide prosperity for all. But it hasn’t delivered—it’s only disrupted. Enter Douglas Rushkoff: world-renowned cultural philosopher who, in Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus,...

Sue Gardner

Former Executive Director of Wikimedia Foundation

The fight to keep the Internet democratic – easily-accessible – is one of society’s most urgent battles. And, lately, it hasn’t been going well. The discussion around net neutrality, around corporat...

Amber Mac

Relentless Adaptation Speaker | Writer for Fast Company

Amber Mac talks about relentless adaptation and the accelerating pace of corporate culture in the digital economy. At the forefront of the digital revolution, she helps companies adapt to, anticipate,...

Michael Furdyk

Co-founder of TakingIT Global

Michael Furdyk is the Co-founder and Director of Technology for TakingITGlobal.org, a global online community that engages hundreds of thousands of youth in over 200 countries and territories to take ...

Sara Critchfield

Founding Editorial Director of Upworthy

Sara Critchfield is the former Editorial Director of Upworthy—“the fastest-growing media company of all time” (Fast Company). She believes that stories focusing on social issues can be just as viral a...

Heather Payne

Founder of Ladies Learning Code and HackerYou

Why should we care about how technology really works? Why aren’t more women and youth learning how to code? Heather Payne is asking—and answering—these essential questions. Payne is the founder of Lad...