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Artificial Intelligence Speakers


Self-driving cars. Robots that detect cancer. An automated workforce. Nothing has the potential to change how we live more radically than Artificial Intelligence, robotics, machine learning, and automation. Lavin’s AI speakers are at the forefront of these exciting — and evolving — fields.

Artificial Intelligence
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Radhika Dirks

CEO & Co-Founder of XLabs | Physicist & Entrepreneur

A quantum physicist-turned-entrepreneur, AI speaker Radhika Dirks is CEO and co-founder at XLabs: the only company in the world making AI moonshots a reality. With firsthand examples of AI she has built, Dirks argues for a future that fits our biggest ambitions—making the world a better place while we’re at it. 
Ajay Agrawal

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Expert | Founder of the Creative Destruction Lab | Co-Author of Prediction Machines

Co-author of the game-changing book Prediction Machines and founder of U of T’s Creative Destruction Lab, AI speaker Ajay Agrawal’s talks illuminate the incoming realities of AI: how machine prediction is on the verge of presenting us with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the way we do business, “drive” cars, run governments, and provide healthcare. 
Amber Mac

Relentless Adaptation & Digital Innovation Speaker | Co-Host of The AI Effect

Amber Mac is a writer, podcaster, entrepreneur and AI keynote speaker whose understanding of disruptive technologies helps companies anticipate lightning-quick changes as they come—from AI, to social media, to Amazon-era retail. No matter how confident and established the company, everyone needs a blueprint—and Mac’s talks provide you with just that. 
Jeremy Gutsche

CEO of Trend Hunter | New York Times Bestselling Author of Better and Faster

Artificial Intelligence isn’t the future—it’s now. Founder of Trend Hunter and consultant to companies like NASA, Visa, Adidas, and McDonalds, Artificial Intelligence speaker Jeremy Gutsche wants to redirect the way you think about your future, which will inarguably be mechanized by and around AI.
Dr. Helen Papagiannis

Augmented Reality Speaker and Author of Augmented Human

The power of Augmented Reality resides in its capacity to amplify human possibility: creative expression, knowledge, and connection, says AI keynote speaker Dr. Helen Papagiannis, a world-leading expert in the field. Author of Augmented Human, Papagiannis’ talks explore what AR does best, highlighting ways that emerging technologies can serve to expand human intelligence.
Martin Ford

Author of Architects of Intelligence and The New York Times bestseller Rise of the Robots

We’ve known for a long time that robots have replaced a majority of manual labor jobs. But they are now taking over complex jobs we previously thought only humans could do. Artificial Intelligence speaker Martin Ford looks at how the accelerating pace of AI and automation will change the economy, the job market, the education system, and society at large. 
Nicholas Thompson

Editor-in-Chief of Wired | Former Editor of NewYorker.com

The story of how science and tech will change our lives is one of the most important in the world. How will AI and robotics change our devices, the way we work, earn a living, fight wars, solve problems—our very selves?  No one’s better equipped to answer these questions than Artificial Intelligence keynote speaker Nicholas Thompson, editor-in-chief of WIRED
Nita Farahany

Legal Scholar & Ethicist | Director of the Duke Initiative for Science & Society

Technologies like biometrics, cognitive enhancement, and surveillance are advancing like never before. When the World Economic Forum, the United States Court of Appeals, and the United States Congress want to know the benefits—and the risks—they ask NITA FARAHANY: a leading scholar on the ethical, legal, and social implications of emerging tech. Farahany’s talks help companies get ahead of these issues, maximizing social benefits—while minimizing social harm.
Jonathan Brill

Global Futurist at HP | Innovation Expert

Everyone knows that technology is ushering in a new industrial era. AI speaker Jonathan Brill doesn’t just see the future coming down the pike—he invents it. The Global Futurist at tech giant HP, Brill advises leadership on the company’s 10-year portfolio of opportunities and threats. His talks cut through the noise to identify what’s worth the investment—and how your business can prepare for tomorrow, today. 
Daron Acemoglu

Author of Why Nations Fail | One of the 20 Most Cited Economists in the World

In the face of increasing automation, we’ve been far too complacent, argues MIT’s Daron Acemoglu, a leading Artificial Intelligence speaker. Either we close the skills gap and prepare for the future of work—for the full impact of artificial intelligence—or risk losing more than just jobs. Acemoglu answers some of the most important economic and political questions of our time.
Rahaf Harfoush

New York Times Bestselling Co-author of The Decoded Company

Rahaf Harfoush is a Digital Anthropologist and bestselling author researching the impacts of emerging technologies on our society. As an AI speaker, she focuses on understanding the deep (and often hidden) behavioral shifts that are taking place within organizations and individuals as global digital infrastructures enable the unprecedented exchange of ideas, information, and opinions. 
David Rose

MIT Senior Lecturer | Former VP of Vision Technology at Warby Parker

Artificial Intelligence isn’t strictly the domain of companies like Netflix and Amazon anymore. AI is disrupting just about every industry says MIT researcher/AI speaker David Rose—from healthcare, to brick-and-mortar retail, to neighborhood security.  
Annie Lowrey

Author of Give People Money | Contributing Editor at The Atlantic

How is the economy adapting to profound technological advances, such as AI and automation? How are these forces, and many others, redefining the nature of work, the potential of business, even society itself? Artificial Intelligence keynote speaker Annie Lowrey tells you how.
Tom Wujec

World Renowned Expert on Innovation | Former Chief Disruptor at Autodesk | Author of The Future of Making

New disruptive technologies are permanently changing the way we conceive, design, manufacture, and sell products. To veteran innovator and AI speaker Tom Wujec—Autodesk’s former ‘Chief Disruptor’—this revolution isn’t intimidating, but an exciting opportunity. 
Heather Berlin

Cognitive Neuroscientist | Host of Startalk All-Stars with Neil DeGrasse Tyson

A cognitive neuroscientist and host of StarTalk All-Stars with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, AI keynote speaker Dr. Heather Berlin shows that by understanding the inner workings of our brains—what they’re good (and bad) at—we can discover solutions to some of our most common professional, creative, and social challenges, making us more productive, innovative, and in-control.  
Jake Porway

Founder of DataKind | AI Engineer + Social Cause “Matchmaker”

What if we brought the exponential power of AI together with the benevolent intention of social causes? As the founder of DataKind, AI speaker Jake Porway connects nonprofits, NGOs, and other social change organizations with AI engineers and data scientists willing to donate their knowledge to solve social, environmental, and community problems. 
Jessica Green

CEO of Phylagen, Inc. | TED Senior Fellow

How can we create sustainable cities and healthier buildings—including classrooms, hospitals, offices, and homes—by studying microbes? TED Senior Fellow and AI speaker Jessica Green explains how in visually rich talks that chart the frontier of bio-inspired design.
Christian Rudder

Co-Founder of OkCupid and Author of Dataclysm

In the age of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence speaker Christian Rudder stands out. Rudder is in personal possession of one of the richest data sets in the world, accumulated from the dating site he co-founded, OkCupid, as well as Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and the like.   
Eric Berlow

Data Ecologist and Complexity Scientist

Businesses are investing heavily in algorithms and engineers, creating entire departments in order to automate processes. But the data we use is the bloodline that feeds these algorithms. In his clear and timely talks, data ecologist and AI speaker Eric Berlow shares the complexity of the data/AI supply chain, and how you can nourish your data ecosystem.