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Yvonne Camus

Resilience, commitment, teamwork. That’s how ordinary people achieve extraordinary successes.

A Motivational Speaker on Grit and Performance | COO of SPINCO

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Yvonne Camus | A Motivational Speaker on Grit and Performance | COO of SPINCO
Lavin Exclusive Speaker

How can an average businesswoman and mom outperform US Navy Seals? Here’s how: through grit, determination, and resilience. Yvonne Camus is one of the world’s most trusted speakers on teamwork and perseverance. On stage, she’s shown hundreds of organizations how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. Deeply relatable, Camus interweaves her personal experiences into revelatory talks.

“Yvonne’s ability to take her experience and deliver it in such a way that she understood the character profile of the group, and that she needed to move fast and be entertaining yet motivating, was sensational. Her talent in paralleling many of her experiences to some very key issues that the dealers are facing today was also quite brilliant.”

— GM Canada

Yvonne Camus is an astoundingly assured speaker on grit, resilience, perseverance, and the character traits we need to achieve incredible success over the long haul. The hundreds of standing ovations she has collected testify to her enthusiasm for work, life, and connecting with audiences. Camus was a participant in the Eco-Challenge, the world championship of adventure racing conceived by Mark Burnett of Survivor fame. (Hers was the first rookie team to complete the grueling competition.) Punchy, deeply moving, and often quite funny, Camus draws on her experiences to show you how to rise to the challenges of training, preparation, and execution. In the process, she helps you to see—and to realize—the potential for grit and greatness in yourself, in your co-workers, and in your entire organization.


Camus currently serves as the COO of the Canadian spin workout studio, SPINCO. Previously, she was COO of the fitness club World Health, where she oversaw more than 600 employees, and World Health’s sister companies, Orange Theory Fitness and Fresh Fit Foods.


“She was inspiring, engaging, fun and really set the tone for the rest of the retreat on the importance of working together and putting our work challenges into perspective. She is an amazing speaker and we feel very lucky to have had her attend and speak at our retreat, so please pass along our huge thanks to Yvonne for her time and inspiration.”


“Excellent speaker. Very energetic. This was probably the most amazing motivation session I ever attended, with examples which were linked to business. Yvonne was so captivating ... it would be great if we could summarize and circulate her list of key messages. Yvonne was very effective in relating her experience to business. This made a very effective and meaningful message. Very energizing, dynamic speaker with lots of great practical advice.”

Sun Life Financial

“Yvonne did a spectacular job at drawing in her audience. You went through a whirlwind of emotions starting with complete awe (at what the Eco challenge entails and how a woman (and man) can undergo such mental and physical fatigue to get it done), ew (at all the bug and leech stories ), empathy (at all the sore feet and physical hurting stories), hope (at the sail being added to the boat and especially her dad’s email saying, “I am so proud of you” … made me tear up), relief (when she and her team completed the challenge), triumph (when her Canadian team placed 3rd!), and touched (when she ended up marrying one of her team members!!). Yvonne was truly the best. What a professional and electrifying speaker! Hopefully we can do business with her again because she would be a sensational keynote.”

GLC Asset Management Group

“Yvonne’s ability to take her experience and deliver it in such a way that she understood the character profile of the group and that she needed to move fast and be entertaining yet motivating, was sensational. Her talent in paralleling many of her experiences to some very key issues that the dealers are facing today was also quite brilliant.”

GM Canada

“Yvonne was fantastic! She spoke with enthusiasm, dedication and endurance, everything that I am sure she applies to her races. She inspired and motivated the entire team. So much so, that most of us were crying by the end and many of our guests said it was the highlight of the week. Thank you to your team for recommending her and arranging all of the details. I would recommend The Lavin Agency to any of my contacts moving forward and hope to include another great speaker for next year.”

MDS Nordion

“Yvonne was an absolute home run. It was a fairly large room with big double viewing screens for the entire audience and Yvonne's presentation content and style were exceptional. She drew so many parallels between so many of their team’s almost impossible challenges back through to challenges companies face at the corporate level ... a great link that definitely resonated with the audience.”

Canadian Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies

“I would like to thank you for your incredibly inspiring and motivating presentation to our staff. I am still hearing comments a week later as to how insightful and powerful your presentation was to the participants. You have an excellent presentation style and you kept the audience on the edge of their seats. People appreciated your lessons learned as well as your sense of humour. I can’t wait until we bring you back!”

Halifax Regional Municipality

“Wanted to let you know that we have received wonderful reviews on Yvonne Camus. The clients thought she was amazing and very motivating. She made them laugh, cry and end being inspired. She was worth every penny! Thank you for the recommendation!”

Putnam Investments

“The best expression I have to capture the audience reactions to Yvonne's presentation last week is WOW! Yvonne and I spent about an hour and a half together a few weeks prior to her presentation and she totally captured the message which, combined with her presentation style, was a tremendous start to our one-day shareholder meeting.”

Farm Mutual Financial

“I just want to say WOW! Yvonne Camus was absolutely fascinating and her presentation kept the audience captivated. She was amazing! The audience loved her presentation and gave her a standing ovation at the end. As I was driving Yvonne from the airport and back I realized that she is also a great friend we hope to see again in the near future. We loved her!”

FundEX Investments Inc.

“The feedback we have received since your appearance has been excellent. Your presentation on “Lessons for Survival in Life and Business” was very motivational, powerful and entertaining. You touched so many people’s hearts with your inspiring story. Thank you for sharing it with us.”

Small Business Club Niagara

“You rocked our world. Perfect messaging. Incredible imagery. Powerful content. Dramatic and authentic delivery. One of the best I have ever attended or had the pleasure to watch in person.”

The Dial Corporation

Speech Topics

Leading a High Performance Life

Yvonne Camus delivers a talk that will make you rethink workplace pressures, stress, and what it means to lead a high performance life. Despite daunting challenges, it is possible—in fact, it is absolutely necessary—to achieve high performance living. Stress, relentless and unremitting, is taking an enormous toll on our health. When our bodies and minds are exhausted, we find it hard to produce creative ideas. But it doesn't have to be this way. Drawing on the latest from nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and mindset—the four pillars of health—Camus presents a deeply relatable talk, full of effective real life strategies: the One Minute Meditation, the Mindful Eating Plan, and others. More than just a handful of tips on how to “reduce stress,” this absorbing talk will help audiences fully incorporate healthy, high performance into every aspect of their lives.

Inside Eco-Challenge Lessons for Survival in Life and Business

Yvonne Camus, a successful team member in Discovery Channel’s Eco Challenge adventure race, shares with us her conviction that ordinary people (like herself) can achieve extraordinary things—if they know the true ingredients of success: grit, teamwork, commitment, perseverance, and enthusiasm for life. Hear how her rookie team of amateur athletes used communication skills, respect for one another, and practical savvy to become the first inexperienced team to complete the gruelling competition—surprising challenge-designer Mark Burnett of Survivor fame. With amazing visuals and lots of funny, insightful stories, Camus helps us see the potential for grit and greatness in ourselves, in our co-workers, and in our organization.