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Radhika Dirks

It’s time for us to expand our concept of intelligence to become superhuman. This is the Rage of AI.

CEO & Co-Founder of XLabs | Physicist & Entrepreneur

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Radhika Dirks | CEO & Co-Founder of XLabs | Physicist & Entrepreneur
Lavin Exclusive Speaker

A quantum physicist-turned-entrepreneur, Radhika Dirks is CEO and co-founder at XLabs: the only company in the world making AI moonshots a reality. Her work harnesses the dynamism of AI in tangible, world-renewing ways, amplifying your business, tech, brand, and strategy in the process. In talks, she proves that we can combine human intelligence with artificial intelligences; that we’re enhancing our humanity and not displacing it. With firsthand examples of AI she has built, Dirks argues for a future that fits our biggest ambitions—making the world a better place while we’re at it.

AI is the new Renaissance, says Radhika Dirks. The 15th century saw a revival of new thought—the rebirth of culture, technology, and philosophy that brought about massive change from within. This is what AI is doing right now, and will continue to do: enhancing and diversifying human capability in ways we could’ve never imagined. In her brilliantly interrogative technology talks, Dirks pushes us to rethink the terms of AI and its ambiguities, seeing in it an opportunity for a new framework. The AI we’re currently most comfortable with works to make certain things easier for humans: manipulation of large numbers; connecting people and marketplaces;  locomotion, even. All of these mimic aspects of human intelligence. But what if we created different types of artificial intelligences that are different from humans, asks Dirks. Ones that can elevate, empower, and super-power us? This type of technology isn’t redundant. Instead, it complements our human skills to make us more than we thought possible. Dirks, with striking clarity, persuasion, and real examples of AI she has built, shows audiences how much more hopeful, ambitious, and trailblazing we can be if we employ these new intelligences.


Prior to co-founding XLabs, Dirks was CEO and founder of Seldn, an AI that predicts global socio-economic disruptions. She has also co-led cleantech deals as a founding member of Shell’s venture capital group, and was COO of Rotary Gallop, a game theory-based fintech firm. She has been named as one of the top rising women entrepreneurs in the US. Dirks has a Ph.D. in quantum computing and a M.S. in nanotechnology from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. She has authored 22 peer-reviewed publications and has more than 290 citations on next-gen computing and technology. Dirks frequently advises Heads of States and technology executives at Fortune 100 companies on the future of disruptive technologies. She is responsible for having built the world’s best source of entangled photons for quantum computing, and her doctoral thesis featured a whole chapter on teleportation.  

Speech Topics

Artificial Intelligence
Pushing Through to New Realities Moonshots of the Intelligent Age
In this dynamic keynote, Dr. Radhika Dirks introduces you to fundamentals of solving the impossible through moonshot thinking—something she does on a daily basis at XLabs, the “moonshot factory for AI” that she co-founded in 2017. We stand at the brink of a new era, says Dirks. The Intelligent Age. We have access to emergent exponential technologies that harness vast knowledge from nature and humankind. We can amplify human potential as never before. But how can you wield this technology to help usher in a next phase for humankind? As Dirks shows in this talk, it’s through conceptualizing and actualizing moonshots. Dirks defines a moonshot as an something that changes the perceptions of reality’s limitations and therefore changes reality itself. In this powerful talk, Dirks elucidates moonshot thinking and two fundamental emergent technologies, AI and quantum computing. Most importantly she will prepare you to redefine reality and become the leaders of the incoming Intelligent Age.