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Jonathan Brill

To innovate for the future, we must begin with the architecture of our own organizations.

Global Futurist at HP | Innovation Expert

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Jonathan Brill | Global Futurist at HP | Innovation Expert
Lavin Exclusive Speaker

Why do some leaders, investors, and organizations make better bets than others? Because they have a strategy in place for making sense of the future, says Jonathan Brill. As the Global Futurist at HP, Brill considers the social, economic, political, and technological shifts affecting the market of tomorrow. What impact does a global pandemic such as the coronavirus, and its numerous implications, have on our organizations? With passion and clarity, Brill shows us how to radically innovate our organizational architecture and swiftly respond to the trends shaping the future.

Jonathan Brill advises leadership at HP on the company’s 10-year portfolio of opportunities and threats. Whether it’s human relations, finance, manufacturing, sales, or technology, Brill’s superpower lies in clarifying ambiguous situations in any field. How will automation influence the global supply chain? What are the social costs of the data economy (characterized by businesses such as Uber and AirBnB)? Can we fight climate change and resource shortages with technology? How will peer-to-peer financing challenge banks and venture capital, and what does that mean for the global economy? Brill translates his enormous wealth of knowledge into actionable strategies for any organization to take bigger, smarter risks. As the average lifespan of a company continues to shrink, it’s imperative that we have a system for leaning into ambiguity, measuring predictive indicators, and building mitigation strategies.


Prior to his role at HP, Brill has spent the last two decades building product innovation teams and developing growth pipelines for the US government, prestigious research institute MIT Media Lab, and top-tier brands such as Microsoft and Samsung. He founded the Special Projects Agency, a diverse group of designers, creators, engineers, and scientists, that have created unique experiences ranging from world’s fair pavilions to AI software to IoT devices. Brill is an imaginative thinker who helps companies delight customers at scale. To date, his companies have developed more than 325 products that have generated an astonishing $27 billion dollars in revenue for customers.


Brill is a board advisor at Frost & Sullivan, one of the world’s largest growth strategy firms. He holds several patents for his inventions in display technology, augmented reality, and HVAC. National Geographic and Business Week have both featured his work, and he has contributed to work displayed in New York’s landmark Museum of Modern Art. He has spoken to audiences at Harvard, MIT, TED, TED Women, and Mobile World Congress. Brill graduated from Pratt Institute, a leader in higher education for creative professionals, and has completed extensive executive training at Stanford.


Speech Topics

Change Management
Life After COVID-19 Thriving in a Radically Transformed World
Globalization has undoubtedly improved the quality of life for billions of people around the world. Yet, for all its speed and efficiency, globalization also increases the impact of synchronous economic shocks, says futurist Jonathan Brill.
The novel coronavirus, more specifically titled COVID-19, is showing us not only how interconnected our technological and economic systems are, but how woefully underprepared they are to withstand a global crisis. Critical systems, from healthcare and transportation, to supply chains, corporations, and governments, will be pushed to their limits, and perhaps beyond.
However challenging this time is, it does provide us with an opportunity to build better systemsones that are more resilient and provide us with early warnings. In this talk, Brill walks us through how these systems will affect our data rights, social safety net, and wealth distribution. He'll also speak at length about how consumer-facing companies can innovate during such intense stress, and successfully dig themselves out of a potential recession, without compromising on their values. This talk is essential, not only in mitigating the current catastrophe, but in offering vision and guidance for how to thrive in a world that will soon be radically transformed.
The Unexpected Effects of Exponential Innovation How to Create Sustainable Value
Around the world, innovation is accelerating by nearly every metric: Patents, data production, education level. At the same time, the per capita revenue growth from innovation is slowing. Why? Because the time-value of innovation is decreasing, says leading futurist Jonathan Brill. Free, software-driven products are emerging quicker than companies can monetize their inventory, leading to higher rates of devaluation. Technology is changing everything about how companies organize, operate, and capture value.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the average lifespan of a company is getting shorter each year. Brill shows us that in addition to innovating product, we must also innovate process. In this hybridized innovation talk, Brill shares the characteristics of companies that have successfully reinvented themselves—allowing investors to take the leap into long-term growth plans—as well the sustainable value-capture techniques he’s learned as a Chief Executive of companies that have invented over 325 products.
Change Management
The World of Tomorrow Exploring the 5 Tensions Shaping the Future
Over the next few decades, five factors will shape every country in the world: digital trust, smart machines, resources, the new social contract, and the rise of Asia. One by one, Global Futurist Jonathan Brill walks audiences through these tensions, explaining how they will influence entire industries and whole nations.

Firstly, the explosion of personal data in the 21st century has led to a trust deficit that our aging institutions are ill-equipped to handle. In this talk, Brill considers how data will be used in the years to come, both to benefit—and manipulate—its creators. Similarly, as machines become more and more intelligent, Brill cogently breaks down who will gain and who will be threatened by advancements in machine learning. In terms of resources, Brill explores how a growing middle class demanding their fare share will create competition and impact global relations. And as the current world order continues to break down, he considers the new social contract that will have to be drawn for people, governments, and corporations to effectively share power. More specifically, he examines how the U.S., China, and India will manage an increasingly competitive relationship, and what the impact will be for smaller economies.

From geopolitical tension to exponential technology, Brill’s talk offers a roadmap of the future, identifying the opportunities and risks that lie ahead.
Workshops & Interactive
The Future Lab Making Sense of Where Your Industry Is Headed
A conference can provide many valuable insights—yet more often than not, attendees return to work without synthesizing or applying what they’ve learned. In the Future Lab workshop, HP’s resident futurist Jonathan Brill offers an experiential, hands-on learning experience that audiences won’t soon forget. From real-time product innovation, to visuals, videos, interviews, and other media content, Brill provides the tangible tools that your team needs to actualize high-level concepts, build a shared vision, make meaningful connections about where your industry is headed, and finally, stay engaged all year long. Brill believes we must do more than just talk about the future—we must visualize it, engage with it, and create it, each and every day. This workshop provides an opportunity to do just that.