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Jonathan Brill

Navigating the future means knowing what won't happen as much as what will.

Global Futurist at HP | Innovation Expert

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Jonathan Brill | Global Futurist at HP | Innovation Expert
Lavin Exclusive Speaker

Every company is obsessed with figuring out the future, but few do it with any accuracy. The problem? Uncertainty often leads to conservative decision-making, and a failure to innovate in time. As Global Futurist at tech giant HP, Jonathan Brill cuts through the noise to identify what’s worth the investmentand how your business can prepare for tomorrow, today.

Jonathan Brill advises leadership at HP on the company’s 10-year portfolio of opportunities and threats. He draws upon this experience in his talks, helping companies identify what risks are worth it. As a speaker, he offers the ability to meaningfully connect big-picture thinking with practical, on-the-ground experience. His global perspective means he can speak very specifically to what trends will impact which markets, and in what order, as well as how they will disrupt the labor processes in each unique workforce. With passion and clarity, Brill whittles down the macro-level economic trends shaping our world into a streamlined, actionable blueprint for the future.  


Prior to his role at HP, Brill has spent the last two decades building product innovation teams and developing growth pipelines for the US government, prestigious research institute MIT Media Lab, and top-tier brands such as Microsoft and Samsung. He founded the Special Projects Agency, a diverse group of designers, creators, engineers, and scientists, that have created unique experiences ranging from world’s fair pavilions to AI software to IoT devices. Brill is an imaginative thinker who helps companies delight customers at scale. To date, his companies have developed more than 325 products that have generated an astonishing $27 billion dollars in revenue for customers.


Brill is a board advisor at Frost & Sullivan, one of the world’s largest growth strategy firms. He holds several patents for his inventions in display technology, augmented reality, and HVAC. National Geographic and Business Week have both featured his work, and he has contributed to work displayed in New York’s landmark Museum of Modern Art. He has spoken to audiences at Harvard, MIT, TED, TED Women, and Mobile World Congress. Brill graduated from Pratt Institute, a leader in higher education for creative professionals, and has completed extensive executive training at Stanford.


Speech Topics

Artificial Intelligence
Automated Workforce Unpacking the Role of Technology in Tomorrow's Workplace

By the year 2022, there will be a 50% increase in the amount of tasks performed by machines. In this fascinating and insightful talk, HP’s Global Futurist Jonathan Brill weighs in on the impact of automation on the workforce. His take? The need for re-skilling will shift the employee-employer relationship in dramatic, unprecedented ways. With his stunning business acumen on full display, Brill walks organizations through the dramatic incoming changes that will shake the labour market—and shows them how to prepare.