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Jonathan Brill

Creating a better future will require finding the balance between people, machines, and data.

Global Futurist at HP | Innovation Expert

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Jonathan Brill | Global Futurist at HP | Innovation Expert
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Everyone knows that technology is ushering in a new industrial era. Jonathan Brill doesn’t just see the future coming down the pike—he invents it. The Global Futurist at tech giant HP, Brill advises leadership on the company’s 10-year portfolio of opportunities and threats. His talks cut through the noise to identify what’s worth the investment—and how your business can prepare for tomorrow, today.

Brill founded Special Projects Agency, a diverse group of designers, creators, engineers, and scientists that have created unique experiences ranging from world’s fair pavilions to AI software to IoT devices. He has spent the last two decades building product innovation teams and developing growth pipelines for the US government, prestigious research institute MIT Media Lab, and top-tier brands such as Microsoft and Samsung. Brill is an imaginative thinker who helps companies delight customers at scale. To date, his companies have developed more than 325 products that have generated an astonishing $27 billion dollars in revenue for customers. 


Brill is a board advisor at Frost & Sullivan, one of the world’s largest growth strategy firms. He has spoken to audiences at Harvard, MIT, TED, TED Women, and Mobile World Congress. Brill holds patents for his inventions in display technology, augmented reality, and HVAC. National Geographic and Business Week have both featured his work, and he has contributed to work displayed in New York’s landmark Museum of Modern Art. Brill graduated from Pratt Institute, a leader in higher education for creative professionals, and has completed extensive executive training at Stanford.


Speech Topics

Artificial Intelligence
Automated Workforce Unpacking the Role of Technology in Tomorrow's Workplace

Research shows that there will be a global shortage of 85 million highly skilled workers by the year 2030. How will companies adapt to solve this fast approaching deficit? HP’s Global Futurist Jonathan Brill seeks to answer those questions and more in his fascinating, insightful talk. At the core, Brill’s role at HP—one of the largest informational technology companies in the world—is turning socio economic and technological trends into actionable strategies. Rather than make decisions for the future based on the past, Brill guides his audience in imaginative, forward-thinking of how, and when, to apply technologies to business—and the impact it will have.