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Jon Montgomery

When you step outside your comfort zone, you truly find life.

Host of The Amazing Race Canada and Olympic Gold Medalist

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Jon Montgomery | Host of The Amazing Race Canada and Olympic Gold Medalist

Jon Montgomery first delighted Canadians by winning Gold in Men’s Skeleton at the Vancouver Olympics. Now, as the host of The Amazing Race Canada, he is a charming ambassador for the country’s most beautiful sights. In talks, he combines his experience as a professional athlete and national spokesperson to show us how to value our strengths, rise to challenges, and follow our passion.

How did Jon Montgomery achieve his dream of becoming an internationally-lauded athlete? The former Skeleton racer contends that it was an unwavering belief and commitment to himself that led to his most important victory: an Olympic gold medal. The ability to believe that we will actually achieve what it is that we seek is a large part of actually getting there, Montogomery says. In his talks, Montomery walks us through the physical discipline, mental conditioning, and emotional resilience that allowed him to climb the ranks from amateur athlete, to World Cup winner, to Olympian. High spirited and good natured, Montgomery easily shows us the parallels between professional sport and everyday life, and how we, too, can optimize ourselves for high-performance.


Now retired, Jon Montgomery is the host of The Amazing Race Canada, a position that has given him an even greater appreciation for the country. “I already had a profound sense I was a lucky man to be Canadian, but doing this show, you get to meet other Canadians, you get to see how they interact with the racers and a sense of commonality amongst the people.” For his work on the show, Montgomery received a Canadian Screen Award for Best Host in a Variety, Lifestyle, Reality/Competition, or Talk Program or Series.


Montgomery and his wife Darla are also committed and passionate about giving back. They are affiliated with WaterAid, which works with the poorest and most marginalized communities in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, the Pacific region and Central America, and Right to Play, which uses the power of play to educate and empower children to be guardians of their own health and active participants in their communities.


“Enthusiastic, genuine, funny, and more energy than one person should be able to harness—that's Jon Montgomery. All this, coupled with a tremendous success story, was the best way to top off our Awards Dinner. Nothing like a true Canadian hero to serve up some of life's finer moments. Thanks for taking us on your journey Jon, and for inspiring everyone in the room.”

CD Parking Association

“On behalf of CPABC, I would like to thank Jon for participating in our Fall Pacific Summit in Victoria as our opening keynote speaker. The feedback that we received from our delegates on his presentation were very positive! Jon’s presentation was captivating, energizing, inspiring, and humorous…a perfect way to start off our two-day Summit. He really contributed to the success of our event!”

Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia

“It was an honour to have Jon speak at the 25th Anniversary of the Southwest Agricultural Conference. Jon was inspirational, presenting with relatable anecdotes and humour, ending with an exhilarating conclusion as he shared footage of his Olympic win. THRILLING! After his presentation, with authentic enthusiasm Jon graciously spent time meeting and conversing with attendees, paying special attention to 4-H youth, and sharing his gold with anyone that wanted a picture. As a special treat, Jon auctioned off a “beer pitcher” with proceeds to support 4-H. Jon is definitely an excellent presenter, personable, down to earth, and Canadian to the core. Best wishes, and come back soon Jon!”

Southwest Agricultural Conference

“It was such a pleasure to have Jon Montgomery host our Guys’ Night Out event at Hudson’s Bay Vancouver. He was enthusiastic and genuine with all of our guests, and his charisma was felt throughout the room. He took the time to shake everyone’s hand, take pictures with fans, and even let guests give his gold medal a try. He was approachable, great to work with, and made sure that everyone had a good time.”

Hudson’s Bay Company

“Jon Montgomery was a featured speaker at the Alberta Sport and Recreation Leadership Summit Olympic Athlete Panel Presentation. Jon’s passion and inspiration along with his charismatic personality had everyone’s attention. He is an outstanding spokesperson who is engaging and compelling. His ability to share his journey of what has transpired throughout his career on his path to an Olympic gold medal was absolutely brilliant.”

Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks, and Wildlife Foundation

“Jon had a lot of energy and relatable experience. His delivery was humble and at the same time proud of his accomplishments. His story was very relevant to a Canadian audience and his participation with our audience was gracious. He took time to meet and greet many of the attendees at the conclusion of the event, signing autographs, providing his gold medal to anyone and everyone to touch and share in the experience. He is a true Canadian in every sense of the word!”

Vancouver Tourism Awards

“It was a pleasure to have Jon Montgomery speak at our Gatorade sales rally this past January. He was engaging, inspiring, and incredibly authentic in his delivery. There wasn't a single person in the room who didn't feel intimately connected to Jon's talk and at the end, he took time to shake hands, take pictures, and sign autographs for each and every one of us.”


“Jon was the keynote speaker at our National Firm Retreat this past June. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and was very accommodating to our schedule and needs. Jon has a very down to earth, Canadian style about him that allowed him to easily connect with everyone in the room. He was able to tie his messages of taking ownership of your future and working collaboratively with others directly to the central themes of our retreat using humour and real-life anecdotes. Jon helped to get our retreat off to an energetic start and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

“Jon did such a great job speaking at our conference; the delegates loved him and were so pleased to have opportunities to have photos with him before and after his talk. Yes that’s right, he was gracious enough to take photos before his talk while the AV was being set up. We have had nothing but positive feedback on his talk, and that he was the highlight of the conference!”

Pharmacy Technicians Society of Alberta

“Jon delivered a truly inspirational message at our national leader conference earlier this year. His message was right on the mark…inspiring leaders to take responsibility for challenging goals in the face of an uncertain path and really demonstrating how to take ownership for developing your full potential and that of your team. Jon is skilled at communicating his message in a way that resonates across a diverse audience with just the right blend of humour and candour. Jon Montgomery was the perfect keynote speaker for setting the stage at our national conference.”

Great-West Life

“Thank you for helping give the Parks and Recreation Ontario Forum such a spectacular finish! You wove your understanding of our sector just beautifully into your story. People laughed, were inspired, felt emphatic, and celebrated your success. And, because you presented your story in such a genuine way, the delegates could see a little bit of themselves come to life. Lastly, you really made the day of everyone who waited to get a picture with you and the gold medal. For a moment, each of them was on top of that mountain, and the podium, with you. Stellar, Jon, just stellar!”

Parks and Recreation Ontario

“Jon Montgomery gave a first class professional presentation at the Winnipeg Convention Centre to an audience of independent retailers, hardware vendors, and TruServ Canada staff at the TruServ Canada Spring Market. His presentation was very well received and cited by audience members as the best pre-market function ever. Jon is friendly, unpretentious and a captivating speaker with a great Canadian story. He connects with his audience and is a real crowd-pleaser. I highly recommend Jon as a motivational speaker in any context.”

Truserv Canada

“Jon was a wonderfully energetic and infectiously enthusiastic speaker. He spoke from the heart, and very naturally, about his journey to his Olympic dream, and kept our group captivated and entertained the entire time. He is a true Canadian spirit.”

Canadian Security Traders Association, Inc.

Speech Topics

Dreaming Big, Living Bigger A Pathway to Finding Your Passion
It was Jon Montgomery’s natural curiosity that launched his Skeleton career. Wandering through Calgary Olympic Park years ago, he saw a Skeleton racer whip down the track face down, head first. Fearing it was a Luge accident, he inquired about it at the visitor's centre, only to find that Skeleton was a different kind of competitive sliding sport. Intrigued, Montgomery immediately signed up for a “discover session” — and so began his long journey to Olympic gold.

It was keeping his eyes open, living outside his comfort zone, trying new things, and accepting the challenges that presented themselves that enabled Montgomery to find his passion and gave him the opportunity to realize his dreams. With an effortless charisma, Montgomery uses his story to remind us that developing curiosity for the world around us has the potential to reveal our greatest gifts.
Going for Gold Jon Montgomery’s Olympic Journey
When Jon Montgomery won the Whistler World Cup, which served as a test event for the Vancouver Olympics, he called the victory the highlight of his career. Though it was especially meaningful to win at home in front of family and friends, what he really yearned for was a chance at Olympic gold. The following year, he was given the opportunity. Montgomery defended his home track once more, but this time, he did it in front of the world. The now infamous video of Montgomery drinking a pitcher of beer while walking through the streets of Whistler surrounded by screaming fans is sure to go down in Canadian lore.

This is the story of Montgomery’s quest to join the world’s most elite athletes. He shares how a small-town boy from Manitoba, who grew up playing hockey and idolizing his hometown hero, Theo Fleury (the smallest guy to ever play in the NHL), was inspired to become a national champion. Peppered with entertaining anecdotes and Montgomery’s relaxed humor, this talk reveals the most important factors of his success: determination, ambition, teamwork, and the power of believing in yourself.
Behind the Front Lines Recognizing the Power of Teamwork
In an individual sport like Skeleton, one’s success as an athlete is directly tied to an ability to work collaboratively with the team behind the front lines. Jon Montgomery invites us into the world of his professional sport, detailing the lengthy training, preparation, and conditioning that was required in advance of his gold-winning turn in the Vancouver Olympics. Outside of the professional support of his team, he opens up about the other forms of support—from his family, friends, and community—that also contributed to his victory. This talk serves as a powerful reminder that no man is an island, and every man is only as good as the strength of his team.