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Joe Jackman

It’s about more than retail. It’s about total reinvention.

Founder and CEO of Jackman Reinvents

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Joe Jackman | Founder and CEO of Jackman Reinvents
Lavin Exclusive Speaker

Traditional retail is under siege—and if your company can’t adapt, you disappear. That’s why iconic brands are turning to Joe Jackman. This retail veteran works with major companies to reinvent success from the inside out. From design to culture, customer experience to market share, Jackman helps brands rediscover value and bounce back—and shape billions in sales.

“... he’s making his own business into a self-styled, McKinsey-like consulting powerhouse with a creative edge.”

— The Globe and Mail

By profession, Joe Jackman is a reinventionist, a believer in and practitioner of rapid business transformation. As the founder and CEO of Jackman Reinvents, he’s pioneered an efficient way to get mature businesses back to growth and relevance. The effectiveness of his unique approach, which brings together business and brand strategy with “balanced facts and feelings,” has been proven many times across most B2C and many B2B categories. As a result, he’s earned an international reputation for helping businesses facing decline deliver “unrivaled growth, fast.” To date, he and his team have completed nearly 20 reinventions, shaping hundreds of billions of dollars in sales.


Educated in industrial design, in his early career Jackman co-founded what is today one of Canada’s leading brand design firms and was for many years its Chief Creative Officer. He went on to tackle business challenges at one of its clients, Loblaw Companies, Canada’s largest retailer, as Executive Vice-President, Marketing. There, he was among a group of executives charged with steering the company through its initial restructuring.  Jackman’s journey to building a category-of-one reinvention company accelerated when he left Loblaw and simultaneously became Consultant and Acting Chief Marketing Officer to Duane Reade and Old Navy, helping guide both companies through their successful reinventions. These two engagements became the beta version of the unique approach he and his team went on to apply to companies across North America—and with their help, Hertz’s stock price rose by 170%, The Gap’s rose by 27%, Dave & Busters rose by 118%, and Walgreens’ rose by 158%.


Today, Joe leads a 100+ multi-disciplinary team of reinventionists in Toronto and New York—researchers, business analysts, management consultants, brand strategists, creative directors, digital specialists, designers, writers, and CX activation managers—all focused on accelerating shareholder value creation.


“Even while Joe is pushing management to think out of the box, he does it in a way that is soothing and comforting. He’s laid-back, not in your face. He’s just a cool dude.”

Tyler Wolfram, Managing Partner, Oak Hill Capital

“One of the things that I thought was especially strong about our relationship with Jackman was the ability to go back and forth, and them accept some ideas that were ours, us accept some ideas that were theirs, and meet in the middle on some things where we needed to. There were clearly some ideas that they brought to us that were bigger and more expansive than what we would have done on our own, and I think that was one of the real keys to our success.”

Steve King, CEO, Dave & Buster’s

“From internal communications to the logo, from customer communications to product line, Jackman goes back to the brand’s values and its legacy to see if they are still relevant, and then sets about making them so. A brand repositioning is challenging, but it takes on a whole new level of complexity when you call it reinvention.”

Orange Magazine

Speech Topics

Disrupt or Be Disrupted Make Yourself Amazon-proof

Reinvention means not only being the best at what you do; it means being the only ones who do what you do. Much of the retail industry has become a hotbed of homogeneity, filled with companies trying to out-do their competitors rather than redefine themselves. In order to truly stand out, brands must learn to compete and engage differently—and therefore be valued differently. A trailblazer in the retail space, and a masterful instigator of change, Joe Jackman points us towards the “holy trinity” of reinvention: knowing who your customer is, and why; finding a purpose that goes beyond functionality; and articulating what you will do better than anyone else. It is by adopting these principles, says Jackman, that meaningful change is possible.


Innovating with a Human Touch How to Avoid the Trap of Technicality

The epic buzzword that tends to pose more questions than answers, innovation can mean different things to different companies and industries. Yet we can all agree that it’s crucial for achieving growth, facing future challenges, and gaining an advantage over the competition. At the end of the day, innovation is really a human pursuit, says Joe Jackman. The innovations that fall flat or never see the light of the day are the ones that fail to recognize this element. In this talk, Jackman shows shows us how to design, create, and solve problems with human insight in mind—dramatically increasing our chances of success. By going beyond technicalities, and balancing facts with feelings, companies will be able to cultivate a mindset that helps them innovate with a winning, human touch.

Embracing Change A Reinventionist’s View of the Future of Retail

In today’s marketplace of rapid change, brands and businesses have three choices: fight it (until their inevitable downfall); fix it (making incremental tweaks that don’t lead to genuine growth); or join it (by using bigger, bolder, transformative strategies). Joe Jackman is an expert in looking beyond the “next best thing”—and that means cultivating proactive solutions in the face of change. For brands and businesses to mean something to their customers, they need to abandon reactive thinking and instead embrace the transforming nature of retail. In this keynote, Jackman explores consumer behaviour and upcoming industry trends; shares best-in-class examples of companies doing it right; and, with insights from his experience revitalizing major brands, provides a new model for across-category growth.

Defining Total Brand Reinvention How to Generate Unrivaled Growth, Fast

Throughout his career advising C-suite leadership in both public and privately owned companies, Joe Jackman has pioneered a unique and proven model for achieving unrivaled growth, fast. By bringing business and brand strategy together, he’s created tangible ROIs in a faster timeline than traditional models, with an eye to long-term growth. In this talk, Jackman discusses the old world versus the new; case examples from his organization Jackman Reinvents; and personal lessons learned along the way.