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Jason Feifer | Editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur | Author of Build for Tomorrow, Not for Yesterday (Forthcoming)
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The world has never been in a greater period of change. It’s an exciting time—one that offers opportunities for warp-speed innovation, dramatic shifts in culture, and a general reevaluation of the way we live our lives. Unfortunately, many people will continue to miss out on the benefits of change because they feel threatened. As the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur, a two-time podcast host, and author of the upcoming Build for Tomorrow, Not for Yesterday (Penguin Random House, 2022), JASON FEIFER has a unique window into the most innovative minds of today. In a keynote that will electrify and inspire any audience, he teaches us how to counter our primal fear of change by equipping us with new  ways of thinking. Relentlessly optimistic, his must-listen talks will get you excited about change, as well as help you future-proof your business.

“The future is not optional, which means we really only have two choices: We can help shape it ourselves, or we can stand still and let everyone else pass us by.”

— Jason Feifer

Jason Feifer spends his days speaking to the world’s greatest and most influential change-makers. A former editor at Fast Company, today Feifer stands at the helm of Entrepreneur Magazine: a publication boasting over half-a-million subscribers looking for cutting-edge expertise on leadership, innovation, and technology. In his forthcoming book Build for Tomorrow, Not for Yesterday, Feifer uses his wealth of knowledge to break down the predictable ways we move through the stages of change, starting with panic—having no idea what’s happening or what we’ll lose—to adaptation, the new normal, and “wouldn’t go back”: the final, most important phase, where we identify an opportunity that’s so valuable, we can no longer imagine our lives without it.


As a speaker, Feifer pairs his insights with boundless energy and infectious charisma. He is a talented emcee and the host of two podcasts. The first, Build For Tomorrow, is a funny, fast-paced show exploring how history has shaped us, and how we can use that knowledge to create our own futures. “We repeat our fears and mistakes throughout history, and if we had a better sense of that history and could appreciate the things that came before us, I think we could avoid a lot of the mistakes we make today,” says Feifer. His second show, Problem Solvers, revolves around entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOs solving unexpected, and often crippling, challenges in their business. Feifer’s high-profile guests, including everyone from actor Ryan Reynolds (the man behind some of the smartest, most viral ads of today) to Shark Tank regular Matt Higgins, candidly share how they overcame their set-backs to help you adapt and persevere.


Prior to working at Entrepreneur, Feifer worked as an editor at Men’s Health, Maxim, and Boston magazine, and has written about business and technology for the Washington Post, Slate, New York, and more.

Speech Topics

Build for Tomorrow, Not for Yesterday Lessons for Adapting to Change
You may not realize it, but you come from the future. Your job, your technology, your habits, your interests, your clothing, your music, your lifestyle, your life—all of these were once new and terrifying to a previous generation. The people of the past might have worried for you, but when you look at yourself, you’re happy with what you have. The reality is that we’re all the product of change. That means you are evidence that change can be good—but now that you’re comfortable, perhaps you don’t want change to come to you. This is the greatest, most powerful tension in our lives.
Today, we’re all experiencing an enormous global shift as we collectively adapt to a world pulling itself out of a pandemic. It’s a thrilling time filled with almost limitless opportunities for positive change and growth. But many people will miss out on these benefits, because they feel threatened by the period of transition that precedes it. They willingly remain left behind, because they are held captive to the most natural of human instincts: They fear change.
In an invigorating talk based on his soon-to-be released book Build for Tomorrow, Not for Yesterday, Jason Feifer teaches you how to counter that impulse by equipping you with a new, powerful way of thinking. First, you’ll learn how to move through the “panic” stage of change into “adaptation”—the process where we begin to figure things out—followed by the “new normal” and “wouldn’t go back” stage: the point of no return. By providing specific lessons on how to adapt, informed by centuries of history and today’s most innovative minds, Feifer shows you how to stop protecting yesterday and step into tomorrow.
Innovate to Change Building a Bridge of Familiarity
Innovators have the ability to create fascinating and inspiring new solutions—but that's only part of what's required to succeed. If you really want to make change in the world, you have to understand why people are often uncomfortable with change, and how to get them motivated to leap into the unknown with both feet. In an illuminating talk custom-made for big thinkers and change-makers, entrepreneurial expert Jason Feifer shares inspiring stories about how the most transformative innovations in the world were once rejected by the mainstream. Feifer explores the process of building “a bridge of familiarity” in order for revolutionary ideas to be embraced. It’s a vital talk filled with real-world lessons from our modern era about how some of the most transformative entrepreneurs of today broke through to make a huge impact.