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Erin Meyer

How can we navigate—and make the most of—complex cultural differences in the workplace?

Author of The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business

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Erin Meyer | Author of The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business
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With business organizations spread across the planet, and most of our communication taking place virtually, how do we effectively navigate cross-cultural complexity? Ranked one of the top 30 HR influencers in the world, Erin Meyer is an INSEAD Professor, a Thinkers50 Award Recipient, and author of the Culture Map. She explains how deepening our understanding of cultural differences will dramatically enhance business success in the global marketplace.

“Meyer's work is characterized by a fresh and relevant voice, distilling down the essentials of communicating, persuading and working effectively around the globe.”

The Huffington Post

Culture is a driving force in the way we do business, impacting everything from our communication styles to leadership abilities to organizational structure. Erin Meyer is the author of The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business and is a professor at INSEAD, one of the world’s leading international business schools. Her work focuses on how the world’s most successful global leaders navigate the complexities of cultural differences in a multi-cultural environment. Working in Africa, Europe, and the United States prompted Meyer’s study of the communication patterns and business systems of different parts of the world. Her framework allows international executives to pin-point their leadership preferences, and compare their methods to the management styles of other cultures. Meyer has taught thousands of executives from five continents to decode how cultural differences are impacting their work, and strategies for improving their international collaboration.


Meyer’s upcoming book, No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention, will be published by Penguin Random House in May 2020. In it, she joins forces with Netflix cofounder Reed Hastings to examine the generally unorthodox, borderline counter-intuitive, culture behind one of the world’s most innovative companies—and why it works. Combining Meyer’s influential business know-how with stories from Netflix employees around the world, and trials and triumphs throughout Hasting’s own career, No Rules Rules ultimately reveals the never-before-told story behind a truly unique, boundary-pushing organization.


Meyer has published articles in Singapore Business Times, Forbes, and the Harvard Business Review, where her article “Getting to Si, Ja, Oui, Hai, and Da,” was their most-read article of the year. She was named one of the top business thinkers of the year by Thinkers50, the premier ranking of the best and brightest management thinkers around the world, and awarded their Radar Award. Prior to teaching at INSEAD, Meyer served as Director of Training and Development at HBOC and a Director of Business Operations at McKesson Corporation.

Speech Topics

The Culture Map Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business
The global, virtual nature of business today has created a demand for executives and managers to work across a broad range of cultures and backgrounds. Unfortunately, throwing a mix of culturally-diverse employees together, and expecting them to work harmoniously, can often have an adverse effect. In this talk, Erin Meyer outlines her highly practical framework to solve one of the world’s most pervasive business issues. She expertly navigates through cross-cultural complexities to improve the effectiveness of day-to-day teamwork and increase international collaboration. Timely, relevant, and pragmatic, this talk illustrates the new way of business in a global marketplace. Even those who have traveled extensively, and consider themselves culturally informed, will benefit from this eye-opening talk that looks to the subtler, often overlooked points of achieving social cohesion.
Corporate Culture
Our Multicultural World How Decoding Cross-Cultural Complexity Makes Us More Sensitive and More Insightful
Globalization has changed the game on a personal and professional level. We’re interacting with people from different countries and backgrounds on a day-to-day basis, offering a cultural variety that adds richness and depth to our social mosaic. However, as enriching as diversity is, it also increases the risk for confusion, misunderstanding, and discord. In this talk, Erin Meyer decodes the different ways people live, think, and communicate with each other across the globe. She covers crucial differences in business practices such as offering feedback, implementing time management, making decisions, and communicating emotions. With grace and sensitivity, Meyer encourages us all to dive deeper into the inner workings of our multicultural world—learning to live and work together better.