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Alexandra Samuel | Tech writer and data journalist | Author of Remote Inc. (forthcoming)
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The entire world was rocked by the surprise of COVID-19. In the realm of business, it has meant a dramatic shift in the way we work—from the time-honored tradition of the office, into the “new normal” of working from home. Alexandra Samuel is a technology strategist, data journalist, and author who has spent much of her twenty-five year career as a remote worker. In her upcoming book, Remote Inc., she uses her wealth of personal experience to help us conceptualize a new approach to working in the modern age. Her must-listen talks show us how to thrive outside the office, using the entrepreneurial mindset and habits of remote professionals. 

“Remote work is no longer looking like a blip in the lives of millions of people, but rather a long-term realignment of how those workers and their organizations operate.”

— Alexandra Samuel

“We now have to grapple with a world in which remote work has become, if not the rule, then certainly no longer the exception,” says work-from-home entrepreneur Alexandra Samuel. But instead of desperately trying to replicate the benefits of the office at home, she suggests that we discover the many different benefits that come with remote work. Things like restructuring our days and weeks around our natural energy cycles, or tackling the deep work that’s hard to squeeze in between meetings and interruptions at the office. In her highly anticipated book Remote Inc.: How to Thrive at Work...Wherever You Are (Harper Business, 2021), Samuel teams up with productivity guru Robert Pozen to lay out a roadmap for using this unique moment in history to increase our own productivity. The most successful remote employees adopt a “business-of-one” approach, explains Samuel, meaning that they take on the responsibility and accountability of a small business owner. They define their work in terms of goals and deliverables instead of by the eight-hour workday; embrace a rhythm of “punctuated collaboration” that uses structured check-ins to complement solo work; and use the advantages of remote work to deliver even stronger results. Both the book, and Samuel’s eye-opening talks, teach new and long-time remote workers alike how to organize their priorities, communicate effectively, structure online meetings, and maintain a healthy work-life balance in the context of remote work.


A regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal, The Harvard Business Review, the CBC, and JSTOR Daily, Samuel is a prolific writer whose articles on remote work, digital productivity, and tech culture have earned extensive media coverage. The author of the Work Smarter with Social Media series for Harvard Business Review Press, Samuel has long experience helping people make effective use of technology to enhance their personal productivity. More than five thousand students have taken her Skillshare class, Work Smarter with Your Inbox, and she was the lead social media expert for the Web Fuelled Business training program, which trained thousands of entrepreneurs across the UK. A featured expert on Google’s Digital Wellbeing site, Samuel speaks to both the personal and business impact of technology in her keynotes and workshops.


Samuel began her career in technology as the research director for the Governance in the Digital Economy program, leading a Toronto-based research program for a global consortium of government leaders from her home office in Vancouver. As the VP Social Media for customer intelligence software company Vision Critical, Samuel led a social media analytics pilot program while working from home so she could homeschool her autistic son. And as the co-founder of Social Signal, Samuel built one of the world’s first social media agencies while working out of her home with her husband and their first hires. She holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Harvard University, where her dissertation was the first comprehensive study of hacktivism (politically motivated computer hacking). While at Harvard, Samuel researched the impact of technology on social capital for Robert Putnam’s groundbreaking book, Bowling Alone.  

Speech Topics

Corporate Culture
After the Office Reinventing Collaboration for a World of Remote Work
The modern business meeting solves a very real problemif it’s still 1961. Back then, a face-to-face meeting saved a lot of time and labor and Wite-Out, because the only other way to exchange ideas was by getting your secretary to type it up, mail it out, and wait for a response.

The meeting stuck around long after new technologies made other ways of work feasible. The overnight shift to remote work has made those new ways necessaryand invited us to radically rethink the balance between individual and group work.
In this engaging presentation, veteran remote worker and author Alexandra Samuel will show you how embracing that opportunity will not only help your team thrive during the pandemic, but position your organization to be even more successful in the years ahead.
Happiness & Wellness
The Business of One Finding Joy in Remote Work
 It’s not enough to just stay sane while you’re working from home: Your team deserves the chance to thrive and excel. But that won’t happen as long as they’re trying to replicate the lives they lived at the office, and wondering where the heck to find the break room.

Data journalist and entrepreneur Alexandra Samuel invites your remote team to embrace a new approach to working remotely, based on the key habits she identified through her research on both new and longstanding remote workers. These habits release employees from the hopeless effort to reproduce the benefits of the workplace, and instead, discover the untapped benefits of working from home.

In a real-time workshop led from Samuel’s WFH studio, your team will try on a new remote work mindset that shifts the way they think about time, tools, and care-taking. They’ll find a new balance between collaborative and solo work, and between work and personal time, gaining a renewed energy for their working lives.