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trending | Aug 20th, 2019

Looking Beyond Money: Yancey Strickler’s Upcoming Book Shares the Blueprint for Building a Generous World

Yancey Strickler is best known for being the mind behind Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform that’s brought countless great ideas to life. Now, he’s looking beyond money to consider how we can maximize our values. In his new book This Could Be Our Future—now available for pre-order—Strickler... Continue Reading →
trending | Aug 15th, 2019

The Must-Read Books for Fall 2019: Four Lavin Speakers Release Exciting New Titles

Pacific Standard has rounded up twenty-five must-read books being released in Fall of 2019. Among them are Lavin Speakers Margaret Atwood, Naomi Klein, Megan Phelps-Roper, and Patti Smith.  Margaret Atwood—The Testaments The highly anticipated sequel to Margaret Atwood’s seminal book The... Continue Reading →
trending | Aug 12th, 2019

Shoshana Zuboff and Safi Bahcall Longlisted for the Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award

Sixteen titles are competing for this year’s Financial Times and McKinsey Book of the Year Award. Among them are Lavin speakers Shohana Zuboff and Safi Bahcall, for their groundbreaking books The Age of Surveillance Capitalism and Loonshots, respectively.  In 2015, Lavin speaker Martin Ford’s... Continue Reading →
trending | Aug 9th, 2019

What Can Social Media Learn from LinkedIn? Nicholas Thompson Speaks to the New York Times

Beginning as an alternative to job listing databases, LinkedIn has grown into a professional platform boasting 645 million users and earning 5.3 billion in revenue. Despite its size and success, LinkedIn has not been marred by scandal and divisiveness. Nicholas Thompson—WIRED editor and LinkedIn... Continue Reading →
trending | Jul 23rd, 2019

Forbes CCO Randall Lane Announces Editorial Expansion with 10 New Hires

Randall Lane, the Chief Content Officer of Forbes, announced the magazine would be continuing its editorial expansion with the hire of 10 new journalists worldwide. The appointments—which take place in New York, London, and San Francisco—span across nearly all the Forbes coverage areas, including... Continue Reading →
trending | Jun 21st, 2019

Charles Fishman’s One Giant Leap—the Untold Story of the Moon Landing—Hits The New York Times Bestseller List

In One Giant Leap, Charles Fishman lifts the curtain on America’s near-impossible journey to the moon. As the nation prepares to celebrate the lunar landing’s 50th anniversary, One Giant Leap debuts on The New York Times Bestseller List. Everyone knows the 1969 moon landing, but few truly... Continue Reading →
trending | Jun 12th, 2019

Our Republic is at Risk: Eric Klinenberg Investigates in New Book Antidemocracy in America

“To confront the threats we face, we must recognize that the Trump presidency is a symptom, not the malady.” Eric Klinenberg’s latest co-edited project Antidemocracy in America: Truth, Power, and the Republic at Risk seeks to uncover the fundamental problems rooted inside America’s... Continue Reading →
trending | Jun 3rd, 2019

This Storm—the Anticipated New Novel from L.A. Confidential Author James Ellroy—Is Out Tomorrow

James Ellroy is the canonized writer behind some of America’s most famous crime novels, such as The Black Dahlia and L.A. Confidential. With his highly-anticipated This Storm, Ellroy takes us back in time to examine power and corruption in WWII. A celebrated crime author,  James Ellroy is equally... Continue Reading →
trending | Jun 3rd, 2019

Can Libraries Fight Populism? Eric Klinenberg Explores for The Economist.

Populism is on the rise around the world—and it’s having an unprecedented disruptive impact on political disourse. Author Eric Klinenberg sat down with The Economist to discuss how a surprising space—public libaries—may hold the key to fighting back. A sociologist at New York University, Eric... Continue Reading →
trending | May 31st, 2019

Raised in Captivity by Chuck Klosterman is a WIRED Must-Read of the Summer

Touted for being funny, smart, and delightfully weird, Chuck Klosterman’s latest book (out July 16th) is a must-read of the season according toWIRED.  Cultural critic and renowned author Chuck Klosterman has a knack for condensing the current cultural moment to its most essential elements. This... Continue Reading →
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