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sustainability | Jul 18th, 2011

James Fallows: The Future of Energy Includes "Clean Coal"

In his Atlantic cover story on “Clean Coal,” James Fallows riled up both the energy industry and the environmental sector—getting them to examine all sides of the world’s pressing energy concerns. “Clean Coal,” he argued, is not an oxymoron but a viable solution—for now—to a problem that has no easy... Continue Reading →
sustainability | Apr 6th, 2011

The Poor Pay the Most for Free Water: Charles Fishman's Big Thirst

Here’s an exclusive excerpt from Charles Fishman’s eagerly awaited book, The Big Thirst: The Secret Life and Turbulent Future of Water, which he’s been researching and writing for the last few years. We’ve been passing a pale green galley of it around the office for the last month — it’s an... Continue Reading →