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sales | Aug 28th, 2013

Why Loyalty Programs Don't Work: Retail Speaker Douglas Stephens

"Any loyalty program you create probably won’t work." That's the hard-to-swallow argument retail speaker Douglas Stephens makes in his latest post on the Retail Prophet blog. With Gen Y mothers defining brand loyalty as a period of a mere 6-12 months, you would think the time would be ripe to secure... Continue Reading →
sales | Aug 11th, 2013

Responsbile Retail: Douglas Stephens On Making Ethical Purchases

As retail speaker Elizabeth Cline showed us in her book Overdressed, cheap fashion comes at a shockingly high price. Douglas Stephens, also a prominent speaker in the retail sector, appeared on CBC's Fresh Air last week to weigh in on the fast fashion trend and making responsible purchases. Because... Continue Reading →
sales | Jul 14th, 2013

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You: Douglas Stephens On Privacy & Big Data

When it comes to our online activities, have we struck a Faustian bargain that delivers us convenience in exchange for our privacy? Douglas Stephens, a sales speaker and author of The Retail Revival, appeared on a Google Hangout to discuss the future of big data and what it means for consumers.... Continue Reading →
sales | May 15th, 2013

Cheap Comes At A Cost: Charles Fishman Talks Discount Retail on NPR

Is our quest for bargain clothing prices trumping the ability for factory workers to earn a living wage in a safe workplace? Charles Fishman, retail speaker and author of The Wal-Mart Effect, thinks so. As he explains in a new interview with NPR Baltimore, cheap clothing for us in North America... Continue Reading →
sales | Apr 30th, 2013

Experience First—Product Second: Doug Stephens On The New Age Of Retail

We are in the midst of a massive overhaul in retail—one that's turned almost 200 years of traditional sales practice on its head. In an in-depth podcast at GigaOM, retail speaker Douglas Stephens delves into the retail shift that is changing the way we think about shopping. Retail has traditionally... Continue Reading →
sales | Feb 26th, 2013

Consumerism Is Back In A Whole New Way: Doug Stephens On The Retail Revival

"I think [we are living in] unquestionably the most exciting time in business, certainly in consumerism...I think in history," retail speaker Doug Stephens explained in a keynote speech. Radical changes are happening in economics, demographics, and in media and technology, he says. These changes—and... Continue Reading →
sales | Oct 29th, 2012

Retail Speaker Douglas Stephens On The Stores Of The Future [VIDEO]

"Rather than us seeking products, it's products that are seeking us," retail speaker Douglas Stephens said in an exclusive interview with Lavin. Where we once had to physically enter a store to make a purchase (whether it be in person or online), Stephens says, "we're [now] running into... Continue Reading →
sales | Oct 18th, 2012

Taking The Leap: Retail Speaker Douglas Stephens On Going First & Winning [VIDEO]

"Brands that go first are brands that are winning," retail speaker Douglas Stephens said in a recent keynote. "The only way any of us are going to avoid the disruption, ultimately, in the marketplace, is if we are the ones that are causing it." As one of the leading—and one of the only—retail... Continue Reading →