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motivational | Dec 20th, 2019

Why Winning Doesn’t Equal Success: Pac-12 Coach of the Century Valorie Kondos Field Speaks at TED

“We have a crisis in the win-at-all-cost cultures that we have created,” says Valorie Kondos Field, the recently retired head coach of the UCLA women’s gymnastics team. In her eye-opening new TED Talk, the UCLA Hall-of-Famer explains why she’s calling for radical change in how we define success.... Continue Reading →
motivational | Nov 5th, 2019

Changing Your Life, Career, and Future: Arlene Dickinson’s New Book Reinvention is Out Today

At fifty-seven years old, venture capitalist Arlene Dickinson was facing a crisis. Her once-booming business was on the brink of disaster, and her sense of self as a confident leader had eroded. How could she bounce back? In her new book Reinvention—out today!—she shows us how a business mindset... Continue Reading →
motivational | Sep 19th, 2019

Arlene Dickinson’s New Book Will Help You Master the Art of Reinvention

Dragon’s Den alum Arlene Dickinson is no stranger to reinvention. She has remade herself, her career, and her businesses more times than she can count. And in her new book, she will teach you how to do the same.  Reinvention: Changing Your Life, Your Career, Your Future is a book for anyone who’s... Continue Reading →
motivational | Jul 30th, 2019

Turning Hope into Action: Introducing New Lavin Speaker David Fajgenbaum

Faced with a life-threatening illness with no known cure, David Fajgenbaum made it his mission to find one. In his beautiful memoir Chasing My Cure, Fajgenbaum explores how his fight for survival led to a revolution in rare disease research. David Fajgenbaum was the picture of health. A... Continue Reading →
motivational | May 23rd, 2019

Top 10 Motivational Speakers: Cultivating Teamwork, Performance, and Positive Change in the Workplace

The pursuit of happiness, wellness, and success has become a huge preoccupation of the 21st  century—but how do people achieve these goals in a world filled with economic insecurity, emotional suffering, and a mounting uncertainty of the future? Whether drawing from the field of psychology or... Continue Reading →
motivational | Apr 20th, 2018

Mark Manson: The Motivational Speaker for People Who Hate Motivational Speakers

Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck sold nearly 2 million copies in its first year alone. It was #1 on the NYT bestseller list and has been translated into 25 languages. Why did it take the world by storm? Because people are tired of the cult of positivity; what they want is Manson’s... Continue Reading →
motivational | Mar 14th, 2018

So You Work 120 Hours a Week—Daniel Lerner Tells You How to Find Meaning Beyond the Minutes

You change every day, so your sense of success does too, says speaker and positive psychologist Daniel Lerner. Lerner, author of U Thrive—a guide to prospering through the college years and beyond—teaches audiences of all ages to find success (and the more elusive measure: meaning) in daily work... Continue Reading →
motivational | Oct 11th, 2017

Dialogue, Empathy, and the Hard Work of Indigenous Reconciliation: Icon, Olympian, and Activist Waneek Horn-Miller

At 14, Waneek Horn-Miller was stabbed by a Canadian soldier for protesting developments on Mohawk land. Ten years later, she rebounded, becoming the first Canadian Mohawk woman to compete in the Olympics—and grace the cover of TIME. Today, she shows how reconciliation is possible: through listening... Continue Reading →
motivational | Oct 10th, 2017

“Practice Matters More Than Games”: Karl Subban Raised Three NHL Players. His New Book Tells Us How.

Former school principal Karl Subban understands success in life (and on the ice), with three NHL-drafted sons—including famed player P.K. Subban—to prove it. The newly-released How We Did It is a must-read motivational, grit, and parenting primer from a sports-loving educator with a gift for... Continue Reading →
motivational | Aug 29th, 2017

Watch These Videos on Getting—and Staying—Motivated from These 5 Uplifting Speakers

Momentum is easy to keep up when the coast is clear and the slope inclined in your favor. But what about when good fortune flags and fatigue sets in? As the summer holidays yield to first days of school and fiscal planning, we’ve put together a sampler of speakers who each approach the question of... Continue Reading →
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