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exclusives | Aug 26th, 2016

Lavin Weekly #51: Levitin, Konnikova, Sax, & Frazier

1. Daniel Levitin: This Is Sting’s Brain (on Music)   Back in 2007, when 80s hitmakers The Police were on their globetrotting, box-office-smashing reunion tour, they made three(!) appearances at Montreal’s Bell Centre. It was during one of these visits that lead singer Sting, having read Daniel... Continue Reading →
exclusives | Aug 12th, 2016

Lavin Weekly #50(!): Holiday, Samuel, Ibbitson, & Milkman

1. Trump Is Not the Way: Ryan Holiday’s Open Letter to His Father   In The Huffington Post, Ego Is the Enemy author Ryan Holiday has a simple plea for his dad: “Please don’t vote for Donald Trump.” Holiday cites the lessons his father taught him as a young man—embrace diversity, eschew prejudice... Continue Reading →
exclusives | Aug 5th, 2016

Lavin Weekly #49: Lewis, Bacevich, Papagiannis, & Zweig

1. Sarah Lewis’s “Vision & Justice” Is Sold Out—Here’s Why    Sarah Lewis’s guest-edited Aperture issue “Vision & Justice” continues to rake in the positive press, and for good reason. In David Brooks’s recent NYT op-ed “How Artists Change the World”—an ode to famed abolitionist Frederick... Continue Reading →
exclusives | Jul 29th, 2016

Lavin Weekly #48: Leibovich, Singer, Crabapple

1. “For This Election, Do It Anyway”: Mark Leibovich on The Daily Show    Last night, Chief National Correspondent for the NYT Magazine Mark Leibovich joined Trevor Noah on The Daily Show to discuss Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Convention (which Leibovich described as... Continue Reading →
exclusives | Jul 22nd, 2016

Lavin Weekly #47: Leibovich, Heffernan, Wood, & Stephens

1. Under the RNC Big Top with Mark Leibovich    Writing from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, NYT Magazine’s chief national correspondent Mark Leibovich has produced two new articles. In the first, he admires Ted Cruz’s refusal to endorse Donald Trump during his speech last night... Continue Reading →
exclusives | Jul 15th, 2016

Lavin Weekly #46: Garrett, Pinker, & Nair

1. Brexit Fallout Goes Beyond Politics: Laurie Garrett for Foreign Policy  Britain’s decision to secede from the EU is, on the surface, a move with definite political and economic repercussions. But in Foreign Policy, public health speaker Laurie Garrett argues that Brexit is also a major global... Continue Reading →
exclusives | Jul 8th, 2016

Lavin Weekly #45: Rushkoff, Quart, & Ali

1. Douglas Rushkoff Talks Re-tribalization, the Internet, and Trump-Brexit Mentalities   The “new nationalism” of Trump and Brexit is a byproduct of our digital media environment, Douglas Rushkoff argues. And in a new article for Fast Company, and subsequent interview with Salon, Rushkoff makes... Continue Reading →
exclusives | Jun 30th, 2016

Lavin Weekly #44: Crabapple, Bolick, & Packer

1. Molly Crabapple Warns Against a Narrowing of the Minds    Writing for The Guardian, speaker Molly Crabapple cautions against the growing intolerance and “exclusionary tribalism” exemplified by Trump supporters, pro-Brexit xenophobes, and (at its extreme) terrorist groups like ISIS. “What can... Continue Reading →
exclusives | Jun 24th, 2016

Lavin Weekly #43: Maeda, Samuel, & Scudamore

1. “Money Isn’t the Enemy”—John Maeda in Good Magazine   Design speaker John Maeda has some blunt advice for young creatives: make money. Maeda recently dropped by Good Magazine to impart something he learned working under graphic designer Paul Rand in the 90s—sometimes, we need to sacrifice our... Continue Reading →
exclusives | Jun 17th, 2016

Lavin Weekly #42: Fallows, Farsad, Holiday, & Kaufman

1. A Daily Dose of Trump from The Atlantic’s James Fallows    Atlantic correspondent James Fallows has a new article series: “The Daily Trump,” a chronicle of the brash Republican candidate’s hyper-public campaign and unorthodox methods. The premise of “The Daily Trump” is simple. “People will... Continue Reading →
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