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economics | Feb 16th, 2021

Out Now—Heather McGhee’s The Sum of Us “is a book we all need.”

“The Sum of Us is a must read for everyone who wants to understand how we got here, but more importantly, where we can go from here—and how we get there, together,” says Alicia Garza, author of The Purpose of Power and co-founder of Black Lives Matter. In talks based on her highly anticipated book,... Continue Reading →
economics | Mar 17th, 2020

The Atlantic's Derek Thompson Investigates How Restaurant Closures Will Affect the Nation's Economy

“A pandemic is war,” writes Derek Thompson in his latest article for The Atlantic. And our response to the biological enemy is a shut-down of public life, from schools to restaurants. Unfortunately, the latter closure especially will have profound effects on the nation’s economy. What we do to... Continue Reading →
economics | Jan 20th, 2020

Business Professor Sarah Kaplan Discusses the Profit Potential in Climate Change Action for CBC News

This week, BlackRock—the world’s largest money manager—announced that it will begin adjusting its investment strategies with climate change in mind. Rotman professor Sarah Kaplan joined CBC’s Front Burner to discuss how this move will impact the company’s bottom line.   In his letter to CEOs,... Continue Reading →
economics | Jan 15th, 2020

Fast Company’s Stephanie Mehta Explores the Evolution of Venture Capital

Fledgling venture firm Felix Capital has announced it’s raised an additional $300 million in funding to continue to invest in digital lifestyle brands—such as Goop, Highsnobiety, and Peleton, reports Fast Company’s Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Mehta. Her latest piece investigates the company’s digital... Continue Reading →
economics | Jan 10th, 2020

Has the College Wealth Premium Collapsed? Annie Lowrey Investigates for The Atlantic

Has receiving a college education become more trouble (re: debt) than it’s worth? The Atlantic’s Annie Lowrey considers new findings that suggest college grads do not necessarily have more financial security or long-term prosperity than their non-graduate peers.  Despite rising costs, increased... Continue Reading →
economics | Oct 30th, 2019

How Technical Debt Threatens a Nation: Annie Lowrey Explores the Crippling Problem in America’s Infrastructure

Climate disasters, like the California fires currently displacing hundreds of thousands of people, are revealing an insidious problem of toxic debt embedded into the framework of our communities. Annie Lowrey explores the high cost of maintaining the status quo in her new article for The Atlantic.... Continue Reading →
economics | Sep 24th, 2019

What Does WeWork’s Spiral Mean for the Future of Consumer Tech? Derek Thompson Explores for The Atlantic.

Though the case of WeWork—a company poised to go public before a sharp, unexpected decline in its valuation—appears as a “one-of-a-kind spectacle,” according to Derek Thompson the underlying narrative is more familiar than we think.  “If you wake up on a Casper mattress, hail a Lyft to get to your... Continue Reading →
economics | Jul 29th, 2019

“More Money Than Anyone Imagined”: Atlantic Writer Annie Lowrey Explains Why the Tech Bubble Never Burst

Years ago, journalists and pundits were warning about the tech bubble. But unlike the dot-com explosion before it, the tech bubble never burst. It simply faded from public consciousness, as investors continued to invest. Atlantic writer Annie Lowrey explains what happened.   “Back then, the... Continue Reading →
economics | Jul 12th, 2019

Lavin Speaker Daron Acemoglu Awarded MIT’s Highest Faculty Honor

Economist Daron Acemoglu has produced influential research in government, innovation, labor, and globalization. Thanks to his groundbreaking contributions to the field, this year Acemoglu has been named Institute Professor, the highest faculty honor awarded by MIT.   Daron Acemoglu has spent over... Continue Reading →
economics | Jun 25th, 2019

“Economist in a League of His Own”: Lavin Speaker Daron Acemoglu Wins the 2019 Global Economy Prize

The Global Economy Prize has been awarded by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and its partners since 2005, honoring those who have pioneered “creative and path-breaking” globalization initiatives in politics, business, and science. This year, it recognizes the outstanding contribution of... Continue Reading →
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