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corporate culture | Mar 29th, 2019

The Voice of Reason From Fyre (the Netflix Doc about Fyre Festival), Marc Weinstein Talks About How To Learn from Failure

One of the benefits of everything going up in smoke? You learn how to avoid making that kind of fire—or Fyre Festival—again. Entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and start-up advisor Marc Weinstein is known as the voice of reason from Fyre, the Netflix documentary about the unparalleled disaster that... Continue Reading →
corporate culture | Apr 30th, 2018

Rebels Lead More Successful Lives. Francesca Gino’s New Book Rebel Talent (Out Now!) Will Help You Find the Rebel in You.

Francesca Gino has spent the last decade studying rebels and rule-breakers in organizations around the world, from high-end fashion boutiques in Italy to thriving fast food chains. The result is her new book Rebel Talent, a groundbreaking analysis of those who routinely defy the status quo, embrace... Continue Reading →
corporate culture | Dec 7th, 2017

Adam Bryant Distills How the Most Effective CEOs Built Their Most Successful Teams

Adam Bryant has spent the last 10 years interviewing over 500 CEOs for his New York Times column, Corner Office. In an incredibly helpful (and viral) NYT piece this week he lays out exactly how the most effective leaders in business built their most successful teams.  1. Have a Plan. “You need... Continue Reading →
corporate culture | Nov 16th, 2017

Can Popularity Affect Professional Status? Psychologist Mitch Prinstein Offers Some Surprising Tips

  Mitch Prinstein hates to break it to you, but popularity still matters … at work. “Ideas offered by those most likeable will generate far greater buy-in, allegiance, and team cohesion,” says the distinguished professor of psychology, and author of the book Popular: The Power of Likeability in a... Continue Reading →
corporate culture | Oct 17th, 2017

Radical Creativity Lives Here: Derek Thompson’s Atlantic Cover Story Offers A Rare Look Inside Google "X"

“X” is Google’s highly secretive moonshot factory, where designers, psychologists, scientists and technologists try to come up with radical solutions to the world’s biggest problems, detached (in theory) “from the vagaries of the free market.” Atlantic senior editor Derek Thompson received a rare... Continue Reading →
corporate culture | Aug 9th, 2017

Leading Psychologist Mitch Prinstein on the Eternal Popularity Contest and Why It Matters

Mitch Prinstein—psychologist, professor, and author of the fascinating new book Popular—helps us come to terms with the various social dynamics at play in our organizations. Offering a new framework, he shows us how to deal with everything from feedback to rejection, promotions to raises, roles and... Continue Reading →
corporate culture | Oct 25th, 2016

Nonconformists—Those with “Rebel Talent”—Can Make Your Organization Thrive, Says Francesca Gino

In last Friday’s Lavin Weekly, we told you all about “Rebel Talent,” Francesca Gino’s groundbreaking new series for Harvard Business Review. Every day from October 24 to November 1, the magazine will release new content related to “constructive nonconformity”—in essence, how your employees’ weird,... Continue Reading →
corporate culture | Sep 1st, 2016

New Videos: Jessica Kriegel Says We’ve Got Millennials All Wrong

Millennials are entitled. They’re lazy, and don’t know how to dress for work. They were born with a silver spoon in one hand and an iPhone in the other. If you haven’t heard these stereotypes yet, you’re either lying or you’ve somehow avoided the swarm of Internet thinkpieces detailing the needs... Continue Reading →
corporate culture | Jun 15th, 2016

Let’s Talk About Millennials: Lavin Speakers on the Next Generation

Millennials are now the largest generation in America—80 million and counting. A flurry of stereotypes surrounds them: they’re entitled, they’re fickle, they’re married to their smartphones. But like it or not, the millennial generation is starting to climb the corporate ladder, and is slowly... Continue Reading →
corporate culture | May 4th, 2016

Talking ’Bout My Generation: Introducing New Speaker Jessica Kriegel

There are 80 million millennials in America today—some are CEOs, some are unemployed—yet we insist on lumping them together. Entire schools of thought have emerged around this misunderstood generation, offering tips on how to deal with them, sell to them, and manage them at work. We’ve become... Continue Reading →