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ted | May 10th, 2019

“I believe we can and should fight for the earth and humanity, side by side.” Watch Wajahat Ali’s Viral TED2019 Talk.

More and more people, globally, are choosing not to have children. And this projected decline in near-future populations has far-reaching consequences. In his just-released 2019 TED Talk—which has amassed nearly half a million views in just 24 hours—Wajahat Ali makes a compelling case for having... Continue Reading →
neuroscience | May 9th, 2019

New Speakers Heather Berlin and Nita Farahany Explore Neuroscience—and What It Means for Business.

How can business leaders better understand cognitive processes, thereby enhancing productivity, creativity, and performance? Introducing Lavin’s two newest neuroscience speakers, DR. HEATHER BERLIN and  NITA FARAHANY, whose science backgrounds—and unique takes on the brain—offer incredible new ways... Continue Reading →
new books | May 7th, 2019

Nations in Crisis, a Biotech Revolution, and America’s Global Status: 3 Books—Out Today—Changing the Way We Navigate the World

Three eagerly-anticipated books drop today from Pulitzer Prize-winner Jared Diamond, MIT President Emerita Susan Hockfield, and National Book Award-winner George Packer. Here’s what’s being said about these brilliant new releases, and the speakers who wrote them. Jared Diamond | Upheaval: Turning... Continue Reading →
workshops & interactive | May 6th, 2019

Unforgettable Workshops & Interactive Keynotes from Our Leading Workshop Speakers

Does your event call for hands-on audience engagement? Expertly led workshops? An unforgettable interactive keynote experience? These speakers do it all—speak, teach, and get people out of their seats for entertaining and motivating interactive workshops and keynotes, tailored to your audience’s... Continue Reading →
climate science | Apr 30th, 2019

Bestselling Author and New Speaker David Wallace-Wells: Climate Change is the Biggest Story of Our Lives—How It Gets Told Matters.

“I don’t think of myself as a climate person, I think of myself as a journalist,” says David Wallace-Wells, on the unique perspective he brings to the subject of climate change. His critically-acclaimed, instant New York Times bestseller The Uninhabitable Earth vividly illustrates the speed, scope,... Continue Reading →
race | Apr 25th, 2019

“This is Sarah Lewis. You Should Know Who She Is.” The Boston Globe Celebrates Lewis’ Groundbreaking Two-Day Conference on Arts, Race, and Justice.

Sarah Lewis is the visionary art historian and bestselling author whose “Vision and Justice” course at Harvard quickly became core curriculum. “Even in its infancy, the course was special,” says The Boston Globe in a profile and video celebrating Lewis’ history-making, two-day conference where... Continue Reading →
execution & performance | Apr 24th, 2019

Meetings Matter. The Revenge of Analog Author David Sax Explains Why In His New Talk.

As companies globalize and everyone shifts to digital conferences, Skype meetings, and online productivity trackers, David Sax triumphantly proves the incredible value of meeting face-to-face. Author of the #1 Washington Post bestseller The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter, Sax is... Continue Reading →
technology | Apr 16th, 2019

Nicholas Thompson’s WIRED Cover Story on What Happened When Zuckerburg Set Out to “Fix” Facebook

WIRED Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Thompson is the go-to authority on the world’s most important story—how science and tech are changing our lives. His most recent cover story details the scandals, backstabbing, resignations, reboots, record profits and time bombs that characterized Facebook’s 2018—“... Continue Reading →
happiness & wellness | Apr 15th, 2019

A Q&A With Emily Esfahani Smith, Lavin Speaker and Author of The Power of Meaning

Meaning, not happiness, is the key to a good life. That’s the vital message at the core of Emily Esfahani Smith’s book, The Power of Meaning, an essential guide to living a life that matters, as well as her popular TED talk—viewed over 7 million times—and her viral Atlantic article. In our recent... Continue Reading →
innovation | Apr 10th, 2019

Loonshots—Safi Bahcall’s Breakthrough Book on Nurturing Innovation—is Now a Next Big Idea Club Selection

Loonshots, Safi Bahcall’s instant Wall Street Journal bestseller, is now a Next Big Idea Club selection—chosen by Malcolm Gladwell, Susan Cain, Daniel Pink, and Adam Grant as “one of the most groundbreaking nonfiction reads of the season.”   Drawing on the science of phase transitions—think... Continue Reading →
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