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science | May 30th, 2019

Nina Tandon’s Revolutionary Bone Reconstruction Company Approved for FDA Trial

Nina Tandon’s company EpiBone has received FDA clearance to begin its first clinical trial—making it one step closer to providing patients with precision-fit skeletal implants grown from their own cells. Nina Tandon believes we are close to unlocking the regenerative capabilities of our own bodies... Continue Reading →
humanitarianism | May 30th, 2019

Two Humanitarian Leaders—The Dalai Lama and Lavin Speaker Bill Strickland—Meet to Discuss the Power of Supporting Youth

As the founder of Manchester Bidwell—a revolutionary center which gives the poor and underprivileged youth access to careers—Bill Strickland is a widely-recognized leader in the world of  philanthropy. He was recently invited by fellow philanthropic leader, the 14th Dalai Lama, to discuss... Continue Reading →
leadership | May 28th, 2019

Lavin Speaker Amber Mac Interviews James Comey on Truth, Trust, and Leadership

From his tenure at the FBI to his controversial involvement in the Russia probe, James Comey is uniquely qualified to discuss the nuances of national security and ethical leadership. Digital strategist and Lavin speaker Amber Mac sat down with the Former FBI Director to talk truth, trust, and... Continue Reading →
trending | May 27th, 2019

Emily Bazelon and David Wallace-Wells’ Best-Sellers Tapped for TIME’s Best Non-Fiction Books of 2019

In 2019, the world can feel uncertain at best, and catastrophic at worst. As a result, TIME’s non-fiction round-up this year highlights books with a vigorous call-to-action for both readers and society at large. Featured Lavin speakers Emily Bazelon and David Wallace-Wells have penned books that... Continue Reading →
women & leadership | May 24th, 2019

Top Women & Leadership Speakers: Addressing Gender Equity in the Workforce

Despite massive progress made in gender equality, women continue to occupy fewer leadership positions than their male counterparts in the workforce. Women accounted for a scarce 15% of board director seats worldwide in 2017, and only 24 women (4.8%) were CEOS of Fortune 500 Companies as of the 2018... Continue Reading →
motivational | May 23rd, 2019

Top 10 Motivational Speakers: Cultivating Teamwork, Performance, and Positive Change in the Workplace

The pursuit of happiness, wellness, and success has become a huge preoccupation of the 21st  century—but how do people achieve these goals in a world filled with economic insecurity, emotional suffering, and a mounting uncertainty of the future? Whether drawing from the field of psychology or... Continue Reading →
politics & society | May 22nd, 2019

Bill Gates Counts Lavin Speaker Jared Diamond’s Upheaval as One of His Must-Reads of the Summer

Bill Gates is a software mogul, a billionaire philanthropist, and an avid reader—reporting he reads at least one book per week (or 50 titles per year). As a result, he’s emerged as a trusted authority on book recommendations. This year, he’s chosen Lavin Speaker Jared Diamond’s new book Upheaval as... Continue Reading →
climate change | May 22nd, 2019

Top Climate Change Speakers: Facing the Future of Our Environments

Greenhouse gases. Rising sea levels. Extreme weather conditions. Our Climate Change Speakers ask hard questions: how have human beings influenced the Earth’s temperatures? How will these changes affect communities and species across the globe? And, importantly, is there still time  to change our... Continue Reading →
innovation | May 17th, 2019

With 10 Million Views, Jeremy Gutsche’s Better and Faster Is the #1 Innovation Talk in Video History

“Your big idea is so much closer than you think,” says Trend Hunter CEO and innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche in his fire-starting innovation talk, Better and Faster. Having just rung the bell on 10 million views, this viral milestone makes Gutsche the #1 innovation speaker in video history (and in... Continue Reading →
social justice | May 14th, 2019

“Joy is also resistance”: New Docuseries Based on Jeff Chang’s We Gon’ Be Alright Premieres Today

“It’s been over five decades since the Civil Rights Act, yet the last few years have quickly accelerated resegregation,” says Jeff Chang, author of We Gon’ Be Alright—which premieres as a new docuseries today. The four-episode series was adapted from Chang’s acclaimed essay collection, and tackles... Continue Reading →
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