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marketing | Dec 31st, 2019

Connecting to Today's Consumers: Lavin's Top Ten Marketing Speakers

The last decade has seen a complete transformation in the way we do business. Lavin’s Top 10 Marketing Speakers expertly navigate us through the changing tides, and help leaders and organizations win the hearts of tomorrow’s consumer.   Sarah Kaplan Corporate social responsibility has morphed... Continue Reading →
| Dec 30th, 2019

CNN Names Angie Thomas’s The Hate You Give to Their Top 10 Most Influential Books of the Decade

Angie Thomas’s breakthrough debut novel, The Hate U Give, was not only an incredible success, but a compelling, timely social commentary on race and police violence. Now, CNN has named it one of the ten most influential books of the decade.    The Hate U Give remained on the New York Times... Continue Reading →
literature | Dec 30th, 2019

Margaret Atwood, Lori Gottlieb, and Angie Thomas Named to Variety’s Best Books of 2019

The most recent novels from bestselling authors Margaret Atwood (The Testaments), Lori Gottlieb (Maybe You Should Talk to Someone) and Angie Thomas (On the Come Up) all were named to Variety’s list of the Best Books of 2019. Margaret Atwood’s hotly anticipated sequel to 1985’s The Handmaid’s... Continue Reading →
artificial intelligence | Dec 30th, 2019

The Age of AI: Martin Ford Joins Robert Downey Jr. in a New YouTube Original Series

The Age of AI is an 8-part documentary series exploring the newest, most innovative applications of artificial intelligence and machine-learning. Lavin speaker Martin Ford—the bestselling author of Rise of the Robots—joins superstar host Robert Downey Jr. in the brand-new Youtube Original... Continue Reading →
| Dec 30th, 2019

Barack Obama Names Shoshana Zuboff’s Age of Surveillance Capitalism to His Favorite Books of 2019

In his year-end celebration of his favorite books of 2019,  Barack Obama names Shoshana Zuboff’s The Age of Surveillance Capitalism—a groundbreaking analysis of the intersection of the monetization of private data, big tech, the economy, and society—one of his top books. Not only has Zuboff’s in... Continue Reading →
leadership | Dec 24th, 2019

“Start the New Year with a Simplification Month”: Adam Bryant Explores How Leaders Gain Clarity

New Year’s resolutions like changing your diet, fitness, and lifestyle can often be fleeting. So why not take a page from leadership expert Adam Bryant’s book and tackle something at work that’s well within your control? In his latest article for Strategy+Business, Bryant makes a compelling... Continue Reading →
literature | Dec 23rd, 2019

Authors Shoshana Zuboff and David Wallace-Wells Top The New Yorker’s Favorite Books of 2019

The hotly anticipated annual list of The New Yorker’s dropped, and Lavin speakers Shoshana Zuboff and David Wallace-Wells are top of the list. Featured first on The New Yorker’s list, Jia Tolentino writes, “Shoshana Zuboff’s disturbing, galvanizing The Age of Surveillance Capitalism deserves every... Continue Reading →
technology | Dec 20th, 2019

Optimizing Tech for Human Flourishing: Digital Theorist Douglas Rushkoff Featured on CBC

Once upon a time, technology was lauded for its potential to bring people together and strengthen human bonds. Today, our ability to connect is being threatened by destructive online forces that profit when we’re divided into increasingly smaller, radicalized groups. Featured on CBC Radio’s Ideas... Continue Reading →
motivational | Dec 20th, 2019

Why Winning Doesn’t Equal Success: Pac-12 Coach of the Century Valorie Kondos Field Speaks at TED

“We have a crisis in the win-at-all-cost cultures that we have created,” says Valorie Kondos Field, the recently retired head coach of the UCLA women’s gymnastics team. In her eye-opening new TED Talk, the UCLA Hall-of-Famer explains why she’s calling for radical change in how we define success.... Continue Reading →
ceos | Dec 20th, 2019

Lavin’s Top CEO Speakers Reveal the Secrets of Inspiring Leadership

Being a CEO means more than having a fancy title and corner office. It means being able to lead under pressure, and in times of crisis; being able to inspire and mobilize a team; and lastly, being able to execute strategy with vision. Lavin’s Top CEO Speakers have walked the walk, and now they’re... Continue Reading →
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