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entrepreneurs | Dec 12th, 2011

Manjit Minhas Brews Up Success in a Male-Dominated Industry

Last week, both The Financial Post and Calgary Herald ran features on Manjit Minhas, the young female entrepreneur and brewery owner who is making her mark in the lucrative—and traditionally male-dominated—beer and spirits industry. Based in Calgary, Minhas has done what few business observers... Continue Reading →
milestones | Dec 11th, 2011

Charles Fishman's Big Thirst: The Bestselling Book on Water in 25 Years

After just seven months on the shelves, Charles Fishman's The Big Thirst is now the bestselling book on water in the U.S. in the last 25 years. It’s safe to say it has entered the pantheon of galvanizing water books, alongside, say, Marc Reisner’s Cadillac Desert, from 1986. Publishers Weekly calls... Continue Reading →
the anti-brand | Dec 8th, 2011

Rob Walker: How an Anonymous Collective Made Its Mark

In Slate this week, Rob Walker writes about Anonymous—the mysterious hacktivist collective that has been linked to the Occupy movement, various high profile cyber attacks, hilarious memes, and Scientology protests. Providing a great primer on the group, Walker examines how its “branding”... Continue Reading →
economy + film | Dec 5th, 2011

Margaret Atwood's History of Debt, Payback, Now a Documentary

Margaret Atwood’s prescient non-fiction book Payback—a history of debt that was release in 2008 at the dawn of our current financial crisis—is now a documentary. It will make its world premier at The Sundance Film Festival in January. The book, which was the #8 Best Book of the Decade, according to... Continue Reading →
economic stimulus | Dec 1st, 2011

Jessica Jackley: Bringing a Successful Microloan Model to America

In a new video, Jessica Jackley talks about the role of microfinance to catalyze investments in U.S. entrepreneurship during a time of economic stagnation. Speaking with The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, the KIVA co-founder and CEO of a new veture called ProFounder shares her extensive, and... Continue Reading →
workplace 2.0 | Nov 29th, 2011

Douglas Merrill: How Smaller Companies Can Win The War for Talent

One of the striking difficulties for new companies is attracting top-notch talent. How can a start-up hope to compete with the Googles, the Facebooks and the Groupons of the world? In a recent blog post, Douglas Merrill—former Chief Information Officer at Google, where he oversaw 1,500 terrifically... Continue Reading →
open source 2.0 | Nov 27th, 2011

David Eaves: How Governments Can Use Social Media

In our increasingly web-based work world, the question of how government employees should use the internet—including social media—is a pressing concern. In a recent blog post, David Eaves, one of the world’s leading open government advocates, reviews Canada’s new guidelines for web use by its public... Continue Reading →
innovation | Nov 24th, 2011

Lev Grossman: In a World of Optimizers, Inventors Still Matter

Bestselling fantasy author Lev Grossman has written the cover story for this week’s TIME magazine, the special “Invention Issue.” Fittingly, Grossman, who is also the magazine’s chief book critic and tech writer, introduces the year’s 50 best inventions—one-time fantasies that have become incredible... Continue Reading →
economics | Nov 23rd, 2011

Joseph Heath: Why Some Occupy Movements Miss the Mark

In a recent Uptown interview, Joseph Heath—the Rebel Sell co-author and fearless economics speaker—muses on everything from consumerism to the various Occupy movements, proving why he can lucidly explain economics to pretty much anyone. Talking about the Occupy movement, Heath argues that the... Continue Reading →
retail prophet | Nov 22nd, 2011

Doug Stephens: The Dismal Present, and Bright Future, of Online Shopping

In a recent interview, Doug Stephens discussed Canada's dreadful e-commerce vacuum as well as—his favorite topic—the future of retail. As Stephens points out, 96% of Canadian households have high-speed internet access, yet only 8% of Canadian businesses do business online. This discrepancy is much... Continue Reading →
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