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south by southwest | Mar 13th, 2012

Can We Live Forever? Lev Grossman in Conversation with Raymond Kurzweil

Lev Grossman's 2011 TIME cover story on Raymond Kurzweil's "singularity" theory was one of the most talked about articles of the year. At this year's South By Southwest Interactive (SXSWi), TIME's lead tech writer sat down with Kurzweil to explore the divisive scientist's vision of the future once... Continue Reading →
non-profits | Mar 12th, 2012

Lisa Shannon: Seeing Beyond The Kony Hype

Few people in the world know more about Africa's struggles than Lisa Shannon. The author of A Thousand Sisters and founder of Run for Congo Women, Shannon gave up her business and fiancé to dedicate her life to helping women in the Congo. While Invisible Children's Kony 2012 video (and its... Continue Reading →
web politics | Mar 8th, 2012

Virginia Heffernan: Ron Paul, "President of the Internet"?

In a recent article for Yahoo! News, Virginia Heffernan profiled Ron Paul's unlikely online presence, and asked whether online support translates into real votes. Heffernan cites a study that found that during 2008's Super Tuesday week, the most popular online candidate wasn't Obama, Clinton, McCain... Continue Reading →
social stumbles | Mar 7th, 2012

Amber Mac: Five Ways to Lose (Twitter) Friends and Alienate People

Amber Mac didn’t get to over 66,000 Twitter followers by stumbling through social media. No—the consultant, TV host, and web-culture expert has often trailblazed the way for the rest of us when it comes to navigating a new, exciting, and powerful webisphere. In a new Fast Company blog post she... Continue Reading →
the internet | Mar 6th, 2012

Alexandra Samuel: Our Online Lives and Memories Need Preserving, Too

If most of our memories involve physical locations and activities (such as walking through a city), then how will we remember the online experiences that increasingly occupy most of our time? This is the question Alexandra Samuel asks in a new blog post, “Towards a Geography of Digital Memory.”... Continue Reading →
new speaker | Mar 5th, 2012

Salman Khan: Changing Education, One Online Video at a Time

Lavin’s newest speaker is Salman Khan—a man Fast Company says is "on a path to become a central figure in national education-policy debates.” Khan is the founder of the Khan Academy, a non-profit that provides free, high-quality education to "anyone, anywhere" in the world through its library of... Continue Reading →
from long beach | Mar 2nd, 2012

TED 2012: Steven Pinker Debates Rebecca Newberger Goldstein

This week, David Lavin is in Long Beach, at the annual TED conference, where he gave a special workshop for TED Fellows. We'll also be highlighting the Lavin speakers who are presenting at TED 2012. Cognitive scientist Steven Pinker made his 4th appearance at TED this year, engaging in a Socratic... Continue Reading →
water | Feb 23rd, 2012

Charles Fishman: Bottled Water is Bad; Banning it May Be Worse

Charles Fishman is now blogging about water for National Geographic--a move that makes perfect sense, given that his book The Big Thirst, just out in paperback, is the bestselling American book on water in the last twenty-five years. One of Fishman’s first blog posts exposes the hypocrisy behind... Continue Reading →
online privacy | Feb 22nd, 2012

Rick Mercer: Why the Government Shouldn't Peek Into Our Hard Drives

“The state has no business in the hard drives of the nation,” Rick Mercer said on his top-rated Rick Mercer Report this week. The Gemini-winning satirist was “ranting” about the controversy surrounding Vic Toews, the Minister of Public Safety, whose proposed Bill C-30 would allow the government, in... Continue Reading →
the internet | Feb 19th, 2012

Alex Samuel: Stressed by Your Online Life? Don't Unplug--Go Deeper

In a recent Atlantic online article, Alexandra Samuel argues that the "Unplug" movement—the call to disconnect ourselves from social networks and give up the internet—is an unrealistic fix to the stresses of our online lives. The real solution, Samuel says, is to spend more attention to our online... Continue Reading →
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