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Coaching Athletes to Be Their Best: Jonathan Fader’s New Book Hits Shelves Tomorrow

What do you do when conventional coaching methods aren’t getting you the optimal results? You turn to Coaching Athletes to Be Their Best, the first-ever guide to Motivational Interviewing—a proven technique for building relationships—co-authored by leading performance psychologist Jonathan Fader. 

“Relationships matter in sports, and we tend to navigate them through conversation,” write Jonathan Fader, Stephen Rollnick, Jeff Breckon and Therea B. Moyers in their book Coaching Athletes to Be Their Best. The authors outline the practice of Motivational Interviewing, a technique that harnesses the power of good conversation to build trusting relationships—and helps coaches, psychologists, managers, parents and the like, nurture athletic talent. Both inspiring and practical, Coaching Athletes to Be Their Best reveals why conventional strategies for giving feedback and managing conflict often fall short, and instead replaces them with new, proven methods for boosting motivation, improving teamwork, addressing bad behavior, and enhancing overall performance.


The book has received early praise from leaders in the field, including Joe Torre, the four-time World Series champion manager of the New York Yankees. Torre writes, “The information age offers endless possibilities that can help teams and organizations succeed. But we can never forget the importance of connecting as people and building a winning culture of communication, trust, and teamwork. I appreciate the insights of Coaching Athletes to Be Their Best, and its focus on the motivational power of a common purpose.”


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