technology | August 14, 2019

Amazon and the Robot Revolution: Martin Ford Weighs in on the Leaders in Automation

How has Amazon integrated automation into its 600,000+ workforce? What will be the future of its employees? And how are we, as consumers, making that future happen? Martin Ford joins the Land of Giants podcast for a discussion on the Robot Revolution.

Land of Giants, a podcast produced by Vox Media, explores today’s information age and the monolithic companies that dominate it. This season, the podcast is focusing its attention on Amazon: What is the disruptive influence of the e-commerce giant? And how is it changing our lives? The most recent episode covers the robot revolution, automation in the workforce, and what it means for human jobs and working conditions. Martin Ford—the McKinsey-winning author of Rise of the Robots—joins the conversation, addressing the topic of consumer responsibility.


“It’s a very hard challenge to get consumers to walk away from low cost and convenience because they’re concerned about what’s happening with workers,” Ford says. “Keep in mind that Amazon delivers enormous value. Your experience as a consumer today, relative to what it was ten or twenty years ago, is dramatically different because of Amazon, and it keeps getting better and better all the time.”


How we can continue to progress and optimize, without compromising on equality and fairness? The problem is already bad, and it will only get worse if we don’t address it, says Ford.


You can listen to the full podcast here.


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