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With our lives shifting towards virtual meetings, remote work environments, and physical distancing, staying connected has become more important than ever. At The Lavin Agency, we’re continuing to produce world-class events that bring people together—just in a different format. Our first-ever virtual conference was one of the largest of its kind, with more than six hours of programming and 15,000 attendees.
Since then, we’ve helped numerous organizations pivot their live events to virtual ones, too. With deep expertise on a variety of platforms, we can help you plan, execute, and deliver a high-quality, seamless virtual event. That means we act not only as your speaker’s bureau, but your content producer, production specialist, and logistics concierge as well. Essentially, we’ll make sure everything from the technology to the event programming runs smoothly. Consider us an extension of your events team!
I want to plan a virtual event...
Are all your speakers available for virtual presentations?
Virtual isn’t the same as live, but our speakers have been rapidly retraining themselves on this exciting new medium. From leading internal workshops to facilitating online discussion groups, our talent is uniquely qualified to headline a variety of virtual events. Schedule a call with us to discover which speaker will be the perfect fit for yours.
What are the benefits of hosting a virtual event?
Not only will a virtual event save you time and money—it’s also an incredible way to stay connected to your core audience. And because virtual can be even more inclusive and accessible than a live event, it has the added benefit of attracting new members to your community.
Virtual events also provide a wealth of information. The post-event metrics will be invaluable to your business in terms of KPI’s and ROI’s—but there are also tons of other digital perks, whether it’s a recording of the event or PDF versions of presentation slides.
Lastly, a virtual event is also an amazing way to invest in the continued growth and development of your team during this period of prolonged isolation.
How can I engage my audience virtually?
Conferences are so much more than watching someone speak. After all, if you wanted to be a passive spectator, you could simply turn on Netflix! Instead, conferences and events, virtual or not, are about communicating the powerful and exciting new ideas that spark discussion and debate. If you can’t engage your audience in a two-way conversation, you’ve already lost them. When we were planning our 15,000-person conference we spent the majority of our time figuring out how to excite and engage our adudience. The result? An incredible 80% of respondents said that the networking discussions that we're as good, or even better, than the ones they had at live events!
Whether it’s live Q&A, real-time polls, dynamic word clouds, or a post-event reception, there are a number of ways to get your audience to participate. The Lavin Agency will not only help you determine the best communication tools for your event—we’ll also help you facilitate an intimate conversation between the presenter(s) and the audience. 
What can you provide in terms of production?
Event production is one of those things that takes an enormous amount of work, yet if done correctly, appears almost effortless. The same is true—perhaps more so—with virtual events that rely almost exclusively on technology to run. The Lavin Agency provides virtual production packages that makes the technology disappear. After all, who cares which stove a master chef uses to produce a great meal? Here’s what we can offer:
  •  HD streaming quality that’s completely customizable with your branding
  •  Integrated streaming via social media (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn), or private streaming that’s password encrypted
  • A virtual “green room” that your speakers can log into before the event
  • A pre-event sound check and tech rehearsal to make sure everything is running smoothly before the big day
  • Pre-taped video segments to play before and after live streaming
  • Hassle-free scheduling: from RSVP’s to calendar invites to event reminders
  • A post-event reception moderated by a thoughtful host with your business objectives in mind
  • A recording of the event after the fact
  • Post-event metrics
How can I recreate networking in a virtual environment?
We’re so happy you asked. Networking is perhaps the single-most important thing that comes out of an event. Again, a conference is not just about passively watching an expert speak, but igniting the spark of conversation among people. It should be fun. It’s entertainment. Thinking is fun—and people often forget that.
For our virtual conference, we wanted to make the networking as paramount as the speakers themselves. We invited our attendees to join us for a post-event reception on Zoom, which was moderated by our host. Utilizing the breakout room function, we were able to facilitate engaging and meaningful discussions that incorporated the material from the presentation. Before the audience even “stepped foot” into the virtual rooms, they had participated in the event through the polls and word clouds we used throughout the session. This was yet another conversational touchpoint that made a formalized setting feel delightfully informal.
What if I don’t need help producing an event? Can I still book a speaker with you?
If your organization doesn’t need help producing an event, The Lavin Agency can still help you source the right speaker (or speakers) for the job. Context matters. We have a deep understanding of our speaker’s strengths, and we can recommend someone that not only will fulfill your business objectives, but who can also complement your event’s style, format, size, and scope. When you schedule a call with us, we’ll help you define the most important questions, starting with: who is your audience, and what do they care about?

Once these questions are defined, it will be much easier to find a speaker who is a perfect fit. And sometimes, there isn’t just one person who fits: there might be eight people who fit, but all slightly differently. One speaker might be  funnier, whereas another might have more content. Within our parameters, they will all fit—and depending on your audience’s needs, we can find the best fit for you.
Won’t the ‘wow’ factor of a live event be missing?
Charisma, charm, and personality may translate easily on stage, but virtual is a whole different beast. Yet, while video conferencing may never replace the magic of a live meeting, they can still be effective and entertaining. The first order of business is selecting a speaker who can tell a story.
Oftentimes people searching for a speaker will look for that “big bang”: the funny joke, a thirty-second soundbite. But a presentation isn’t a thirty-second soundbite: it’s a story, and it builds over time. If all you have are soundbites, it’s not going to be a good presentation.

Instead of looking for the “big bang”, look for compelling. Compelling means that you can listen. Even though you may not be in the same room, a great speaker is someone who can tell a story, with a beginning, middle, and end, and who can connect with your audience in a uniquely personal way, despite the physical distance.
How are virtual events priced?
We will always work with you to find the right speaker(s) that fit your budget. But you might be wondering, how are virtual events priced, and why are they priced differently than live events? Virtual events are much less of a time commitment for the speaker, as there is no travel involved. That’s one major expense that lessens the overall total cost.

Yet you’re still paying for the speaker’s knowledge and value-based expertise, in addition to all of the tech and production elements that go into creating a seamless virtual experience. Other factors that go into the final cost can vary based on your audience size, the amount of pre-and -post event content required, and the level of customization. Schedule a call with one of our sales agents, who can advise on the fee for various packages, speakers, or one-time events.  
What is the best platform for my event?
There are many tools available to you when planning a virtual event, yet they all vary in their capabilities. To ensure your event is a successful one, it’s crucial to choose the right platform to host it on. Consider your objectives: How big is your intended audience? Do you wish to broadcast locally, and globally? How important is social media integration? At The Lavin Agency, we help you ask the questions that will bring your event to life.
What is the best format for my event?
As an intellectual talent agency, one of our top skills is asking the right questions. That’s why we will schedule a call to walk through every detail of your event, including format. Depending on your goals, and your audience, you might find that an “on-stage” style presentation or keynote is the right fit. Other organizations might prefer something closer to a webinar, with presentation slides and increased participation and learning. Still, others might want to have a completely customized presentation that will tick a variety of boxes. There’s no such thing as one-size-fits all!
That being said, we do emphasize connection, engagement, and ‘hands-on’ quality in all of our virtual events. We encourage groups to incorporate some form of Q&A or moderated discussion that will make sure your event truly includes and inspires people.
Do I need a host?
If you’ve decided on a moderated Q&A style format, the next step is determining whether you’ll need a host. But first, it’s important to understand what a host really does. More than just asking questions, a host is truly the cornerstone of your event. They manage the flow, conversation, and audience participation in a way that is completely frictionless. They’re also an invaluable resource when it comes to post-event networking, designing questions that will facilitate connection, yes, but also get people thinking—long after the event is over.
At The Lavin Agency, we work with world-class speakers who have moderated hundreds of Q&A’s, fireside chats, and broadcast experiences. They’re the people who really think about communication: why it matters, how we can improve, and what the business objectives are. Don’t underestimate their contribution to your event. 
Remember, it's not about the speaker. It's about the audience.
At The Lavin Agency, we think about how to structure events in ways that help people connect. You can’t just talk at your audience. You have to co-create the event together by offering opportunities for reflection and problem-solving. Our state-of-the-art engagement techniques will help your audience feel empowered to speak their minds and exchange the ideas that change the world.