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Our goal at The Lavin Agency has always been to make the world a better, smarter place—and that hasn’t changed, despite our current circumstances. Today, we’re helping organizations big and small bring the magic of a live event into the digital realm. Our speakers have participated in thousands of virtual events, and we’ve also hosted several of our own. Lavin’s first virtual broadcast featured six hours of original programming from 15 exclusive speakers discussing the future of life, business, and society in a post-COVID world. Of the 15,000 attendees who tuned in, 40% reported their experience as being better than a live event.

Below you’ll find some of the Frequently Asked Questions about booking a speaker for a virtual event and how we can help you navigate this transition.

I want to plan a virtual event...
Are all your speakers available for virtual presentations?
Many of our speakers are not only available, but are incredibly skilled, in the art of virtual presentations. Schedule a call with us to discover which speaker will be the perfect fit for your unique event.
What are the benefits of hosting a virtual event?
Not only will a virtual event save you time and money—it’s also an incredible way to stay connected to your core audience. And because virtual can be even more inclusive and accessible than a live event, it has the added benefit of attracting new members to your community.
Virtual events also provide a wealth of information. The post-event metrics will be invaluable to your business in terms of KPI’s and ROI’s—but there are also tons of other digital perks, whether it’s a recording of the event or PDF versions of presentation slides.
Lastly, a virtual event is also an amazing way to invest in the continued growth and development of your team during this period of prolonged isolation.
How can I engage my audience virtually?
Conferences and events, virtual or not, are about communicating the powerful and exciting new ideas that spark discussion and debate. If you can’t engage your audience in a two-way conversation, you’ve already lost them. Whether it’s live Q&A, real-time polls, or a post-event reception, there are a number of ways to get your audience to participate in an online event.
How are virtual events priced?
We will always work with you to find the right speaker(s) that fit your budget. But you might be wondering, how are virtual events priced, and why are they priced differently than live events? Virtual events are much less of a time commitment for the speaker, as there is no travel involved. That’s one major expense that lessens the overall total cost.

Yet you’re still paying for the speaker’s knowledge and value-based expertise. Other factors that go into the final cost can vary based on your audience size, the amount of pre-and -post event content required, and the level of customization. Schedule a call with one of our sales agents, who can advise you on the fee for booking a speaker for your virtual event.
What is the best format for my event?
Depending on your goals, and your audience, you might find that an “on-stage” style presentation or keynote is the right fit, while other organizations might prefer something closer to a webinar, with presentation slides and increased participation and learning. There’s no such thing as one-size-fits all!
That being said, we do emphasize connection, engagement, and ‘hands-on’ quality in all of our virtual events. We encourage groups to incorporate some form of Q&A or moderated discussion that will make sure your event truly includes and inspires people.
Do I need a host?
If you’ve decided on a moderated Q&A style format, the next step is determining whether you’ll need a host. But first, it’s important to understand what a host really does. More than just asking questions, a host is truly the cornerstone of your event. They manage the flow, conversation, and audience participation in a way that is completely frictionless. They’re also an invaluable resource when it comes to post-event networking, designing questions that will facilitate connection, yes, but also get people thinking—long after the event is over.
At The Lavin Agency, we work with world-class speakers who have moderated hundreds of Q&A’s, fireside chats, and broadcast experiences. They’re the people who really think about communication: why it matters, how we can improve, and what the business objectives are. Don’t underestimate their contribution to your event.