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Sarah Prevette | Innovation Speaker, Founder of Future Design School
Lavin Exclusive Speaker

“Fall in love with the problem you’re solving—not the solution,” says serial entrepreneur and innovation speaker Sarah Prevette. The founder of Sprouter, BetaKit, and Future Design School, Prevette teaches design thinking to some of the biggest business leaders and brands in the world, like LEGO, Virgin, and Starbucks. Fostering entrepreneurship in a classroom setting, Prevette brings that energetic wisdom to her talks, showing audiences how to leverage design thinking for individual creative inquiry. 

As the Founder and CEO of Future Design School (FDS), Sarah Prevette and her team of educators have enabled over 350,000 students to engage in extensive personalized inquiry and experiential learning where they solve real world problems. After running product development and marketing for a large software company (which was acquired by Thomson Reuters), Prevette founded Sprouter, the world’s first online community providing real-time advice to start-ups. That platform was acquired in 2011 and she went on to build BetaKit—a popular technology news site that was acquired in 2013. Prevette’s talks cultivate a culture of curiosity coupled with deep learning, helping audiences develop optimism in their ability to have a  meaningful impact on the world. 


As a serial entrepreneur in the technology space, and a sought-after thought leader in the  start-up ecosystem, Prevette understands firsthand the urgency in developing future-ready  skills for all students. Prevette was named one of the top entrepreneurs in North America by Inc. Magazine and one of the “Top 20 Power Elite” by Canadian Business. She is frequently in the media and has been profiled by The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Wired, among many others. 


“I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Sarah for an excellent keynote. We were absolutely honoured and delighted to welcome her to our WEC stage. It was a great pleasure to spend some time with her. Sarah was able to deliver her design thinking message fantastically and, as you know, this group of participants is comprised of corporate, association, and governmental planners and suppliers from across the industry, and they are an extremely demanding audience.”


Speech Topics

Team Building
Building High Performance Teams How to Recruit, Grow and Drive Top Performing Teams

What is the one factor, above all else, that determines the success of a company? People. As one of the top startup thought leaders in North America, Prevette mentors high  performance teams, and has incredible insight into the best ways to cultivate their creative  confidence—empowering them to take risks that drive amazing results. Prevette delights  with practical advice and humorous anecdotes encouraging team leaders to do away with  micromanagement in favour of methods that yield effective, motivated and happy  employees. She encourages leaders to reflect on their organization’s recruitment, retention and employee growth strategies by developing empathy for individuals’ aspirations, strengths and opportunities for growth. Walk away with the courage to face  your organization’s persistent issues, and develop strategies for keeping world-class talent  where they belong.   

Teaching & Learning
Transforming Schools Building Future Ready School Strategy

65% of children currently entering primary school will have jobs that do not yet exist. As the  world changes, education needs to shift to support this new landscape. Sarah Prevette empowers schools to develop their students’ future-ready skills, notably  their creativity, ambition and resourcefulness. A renowned business leader and successful  entrepreneur, Prevette is ready to share her deep understanding of the skills that students  need to exist in modern workforces that are highly adaptive and consistently disrupted by  technology.  This talk has major implications for both public and independent school leaders as we move  into an increasingly diversified world of work. It comes with important takeaways about the  methods through which we assess students and the experiential opportunities we provide  them to engage with the world around them. It’s time to revolutionize the way schools think about technology, design and student success.   

Design Thinking at Work How to Cultivate Creativity and Entrepreneurship

How do you distill a problem into a creative solution? Embrace design thinking? Empower your team? Pinpoint where your skill set and passion converge? Enter Sarah Prevette, serial entrepreneur, investor, and founder of Future Design School. In this talk, Prevette shares her ultimate credo and how it can change your business: Creativity as a skill set; entrepreneurship as a philosophy. Innovation can be taught, she says, as long as you embrace the mentality and deftness of the entrepreneur. Her keynotes and workshops are a hands-on exercise in identifying your organization’s problems and finding effective, out-of-the-box solutions that you can implement tomorrow. Prevette—a delightful, no-holds-barred speaker—draws on her years of experience and work with some of the most successful business leaders on the planet to share stories, lessons, and activities that will build your game plan. She’s a joy to both watch on stage and work with behind the scenes; the human version of an “aha!” moment.

Grit at School
Future Design School Teaching Creativity and Fostering Entrepreneurship in Youth
“Entrepreneurs possess common traits: they see opportunities in challenges, are unfailingly resourceful, and can creatively problem-solve on the fly. They are also confident in their personal capacity to affect change and are passionate about their individual pursuits,” says Sarah Prevette. “With Future Design School, we want to inspire this kind of entrepreneurial philosophy at an early age. We want to teach a repeatable process of ideation, validation, and rapid execution so that all kids are confident in their ability to innovate.”

In this inspiring, future-forward talk, Prevette shares the tactics she and the team behind Future Design School use to teach kids ages 11-18 crucial skills like innovation, creativity, problem-solving, and product design. Why is it important to share “design thinking” and a entrepreneurial mindset with kids? How can you bring this message into your school or classroom? And what does this all say about the future of education—and the future of our planet? Prevette tackles these challenging questions with aplomb, leaving audiences with the energy and know-how to get out there and start making change.