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Riaz Meghji | Former Host of Breakfast Television Vancouver
Lavin Exclusive Speaker

As the former host of Breakfast Television Vancouver, Riaz Meghji woke the city every morning with humor and style. More than natural charm, his success as a broadcaster lies in his steadfast belief that a good conversation has the power to change everything. Now a masterful communicator, Meghji reveals how we can build meaningful connections in an increasingly isolated world—reinventing ourselves, our brand, and our purpose in the process.

Riaz Meghji spent 11 years interviewing leaders on current affairs, sports, entertainment, philanthropy and business. By doing so, he not only learned the power of a candid conversation, but how to put it into practice. In addition to BT, Meghji founded Every Conversation Counts: a website that shares insights from leaders, celebrities, athletes, and philanthropists all with one common thread—memorable conversations that forever altered the course of their life. “These people have the same challenges that we go through and it’s interesting to see how they overcome [them]. Everyone has a conversation in their lives,” says Meghji.

Before joining Breakfast Television Vancouver, Meghji was a host with MTV Canada, CTV News, Bell Media, and the Toronto International Film Festival. Throughout his career, he has spoken at high-profile events and conferences such as TEDxSFU and hosted TEDxVancouver, and remains an excellent and highly sought-after Master of Ceremonies and moderator.


Off camera, Meghji dedicates himself to philanthropy and causes he cares about. He is the co-founder of the non-profit 1Karma, an organization which has supported Covenant House, Aga Khan Foundation, and the Canadian Cancer Society through fundraising and raising awareness. He holds a degree in business from Simon Fraser University.


“Riaz was an absolute delight to work with. He is charismatic, engaging and very funny. Riaz is a professional at what he does and will connect with any audience at every level. We truly enjoyed having Riaz as such a large part of our conference and I look forward to working with him again in the future.”

CPHR Alberta

“We had our event with Riaz and we were so thrilled with him. He was such an engaging speaker and I know that the brokers in the room walked away with some helpful tips for connecting with their customers. We were blown away.”

Kaylie Russell, Gore Mutual

“Riaz Meghji was a great keynote speaker at our Construction Conference. The impact of an inspirational keynote after a day of learning is exactly what our clients needed. When Riaz took the stage he asked the audience “what has been the most important conversation in your life?” and it grabbed their attention. Riaz had everyone thinking and laughing throughout his presentation and led to the group to an eventful evening of discussions. I would highly recommend Riaz to any organization in all sectors.”

Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers

“This was our second consecutive year with Riaz Meghji as our host. Riaz did an incredible job working with the entire team to develop a concept and theme for the event. He also did a great job bringing together our underlying message as an organization and connecting the vision with his personal experiences in life. The audience's reaction to Riaz's interaction with various staff led to an amazing atmosphere. We look forward to having him join us again next year!”

RBC Royal Bank

“Finding the right speaker is often hit and miss. From the moment Riaz and I spoke about him opening our conference in Cancun, Mexico, I knew we had the right person. Riaz took the time to understand our audience and the culture of our organization and tailored a presentation that was outstanding. Of the four speakers we invited, Riaz received the most favourable reviews. His message is crisp, and he took us through a roller-coaster of emotions—from laughter to tears, it was without question a memorable experience.”

Mortgage Architects

“Best keynote I've experienced in a long time. Engaging, informative, thought provoking.”

Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE)

“For the third time, Riaz hosted our annual leadership conference and he was just brilliant. His personal touch, sense of humour, and insight into what makes people successful was skillfully weaved throughout the entire day. Riaz was an outstanding addition to our conference.”

Rogers Communications

“Riaz did an amazing job hosting our live Q&A. Not only does he deliver high quality work, he’s wonderful to be around, his energy is infectious!”

Cactus Club Cafe

“Riaz Meghji truly embodies the characteristics of a perfect conversation. As a speaker he is articulate and eloquent. As a personality, electric and gravitating. He is the most positively received host we have ever hired.”


“Riaz showed us how every conversation counts towards what really matters in life: relationships. The people we connect with, the friendships we develop, and the conversations we have help to shape who we are. He has a wonderful way of weaving a combination of narratives, information, and personal stories into an engaging, humorous, and enlightening message. I heard from many delegates that Riaz's opening presentation set the tone for our conference. I know that everyone walked away inspired to pursue authentic and meaningful conversations as a source of encouragement and motivation to live happy and fulfilled lives.”

Tourism Industry Association of BC

“Riaz captivated our audience from beginning to end. His warm personality and engaging delivery translated into a powerful connection with the attendees at our annual general meeting. He tailored his “Every Conversation Counts” presentation to our audience, delivering a compelling and inspiring message that resulted in a standing ovation. In short, we loved him!”

Vancouver Island Real Estate Board

“Riaz did an absolutely amazing job. He is so accommodating, enthusiastic, and passionate about the event. He was once again very engaging. We couldn’t have asked for a better emcee. Every year, he exceeds our expectations.”

Dairy Farmers of Canada

“Riaz is a lively and entertaining host and appropriately infuses humour to engage the audience. He truly helped make SFU's 50th Anniversary Kickoff celebration a grand experience. We're definitely proud to have him as one of our alumni!”

Simon Fraser University

“Riaz was a fantastic speaker and really connected with our audience. Not only was he incredibly charming, but his stories and examples of important and life changing conversations he has had in his life were entertaining and presented with confidence, wit and class. His comments struck a chord with most of us working in the hospitality and meeting industry and reminded us that in an era where we are constantly communicating, but in broken, syncopated beats, it is important more than ever before to realize that people are seeking authentic conversations and that everyone has a story worth hearing. Everyone loved Riaz, so want to thank you once again for bringing him on board as our keynote speaker.”

International Conference Services, Ltd.

“Riaz is super charming and just one of those guys that everyone likes and wants to be around. We heard nothing but positive feedback regarding his presentation. In fact, I haven’t heard that much positive feedback on any other speaker we’ve ever had at the awards night! So he definitely impressed our crowd with his relevant and engaging speech. As soon as he got there, he and his fiancée worked the room and chatted with everyone, and even made such an impression on one couple, that they volunteered to take them on a guided hike the next day! We really enjoyed having Riaz at our event, and I hope that he enjoyed his time in Fernie.”

Fernie Chamber of Commerce

“I would highly recommend Riaz Meghji for your next speaker event. The presentation shared with our organization on “Every Conversation Counts” was inspirational and thought-provoking to our team. We appreciated Riaz’s sincerity and the engaging delivery of his presentation. Impactful!”

The Foray Group

“Riaz did an outstanding job delivering the keynote at our summer networking event. He tailored his speech, Every Conversation Counts, perfectly to our audience and the theme of the evening. Our guests were impressed with his powerful delivery and his speech resonated with them.”

Boughton Law Corporation

“Not only was Riaz Meghji a terrific speaker, he engaged the audience, demonstrated a warm and genuine connection with volunteers, staff, speakers, and guests. We were fortunate to have Riaz emcee our inaugural Gift of Love gala. Riaz’s tremendous support helped us reach our goal to increase awareness about Canuck Place and fundraise to support the operations as BC’s pediatric palliative care provider. We are thrilled Riaz shared his talents to make a difference for the children and families we care for.”

Canuck Place

“Riaz Meghji captivated the audience from the start with his genuine personality and positive energy. His practical advice on making the most out of every conversation challenged listeners to really stop and think about how they connect with the person they are conversing with. Words are powerful; we can change conversations in a positive way. He was inspiring, engaging, and provided the perfect ending to our conference.”

Local Government Management Association of BC

“Riaz did much more than entertain our notable young professional readers. He brought deep insights and thought leadership. His words resonated and stuck—he really nailed it.”

“Riaz is a very engaging and inspiring speaker. He has a remarkable ability to captivate an audience, entertain them, and humor them while at the same time ensuring important messages and information are effectively communicated. He does all of this while demonstrating humility and an ability to relate to a diverse range of audiences.”

Amica Mature Lifestyles

Speech Topics

Every Conversation Counts How to Build Meaningful Connections
We need to build meaningful relationships to be successful and to build trust with those we live, work, and play with. In this talk, Riaz Meghji documents the memorable conversations had by some of the world’s most fascinating figures, leading them to achieve success and—more importantly—realize their true sense of purpose.

Drawing from fifteen years of intimate conversations with established leaders, Meghji shows us  a strategy to transform surface conversations into unforgettable interactions; the secret to remembering names; a way to tell stories that will leave a lasting impact on your audience; and finally, the simple yet powerful principle to building trust in relationships. It is a candid and far-ranging look at how creative conversations can help us reinvent ourselves, re-energize our brand, and further develop our business.