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Mike Babcock

If we are to overcome doubt, we must commit to pursuing excellence each day.

Stanley Cup and Olympic Gold Medal-Winning Hockey Coach

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Mike Babcock | Stanley Cup and Olympic Gold Medal-Winning Hockey Coach

Mike Babcock is the only hockey coach ever to win an Olympic Gold Medal, a Stanley Cup, a World Championship, and a World Junior Championship. The former head coach of the Anaheim Ducks, Detroit Red Wings, and Toronto Maple Leafs, Babcock shares the trials and triumphs of a high-performance career. Beyond sports, Babcock speaks with authority and diligence on how we can overcome doubt and maximize our potential in every arena of life.

Leave No Doubt is truly an inspirational read. [Babcock’s] views on life, on commitment, on hard work, apply to everybody.”

— Pierre LeBrun, ESPN

In the first NHL season of his coaching career, Mike Babcock brought the Anaheim Ducks to the Stanley Cup finals, and he hasn’t slowed down since. He went on to become the head coach of the Detroit Red Wings, leading the team to a Stanley Cup championship victory. After ten years with the Red Wings, Babcock spent another four with the Toronto Maple Leafs. He also led the Canadian men’s hockey team to a gold medal victory, first during the Vancouver Olympics—in one of the most watched games in the country’s history—and then again during the Sochi Winter Olympics. For his incredible contribution to the sport, he was honored by the Order of Hockey in Canada, a prestigious annual award.


Babcock wrote his first book in collaboration with his longtime friend Rick Larsen. Leave No Doubt: A Credo For Chasing Your Dreams is about more than just hockey. While using Babcock’s indelible career as a backdrop, the book explores themes of overcoming doubt, committing to excellence, and achieving your goals. Praised by athletes, sports fans, and professionals in equal measure, Leave No Doubt is a motivating tale of resilience, leadership, and the importance of a strong vision.


An outspoken mental health advocate, Babcock acts as an ambassador for Bell Lets Talk. He also joined forces with Dr. DeeDee Maltman, an integrative physician, to develop The Neural Health Project. The aim of the project is to take integrative medicine—a holistic model that takes a person’s entire lifestyle into account—and apply it to mental illness.


Prior to joining the NHL, Babcock began his coaching career at Red Deer College, coaching at the collegiate, WHL, and AHL level. He holds a degree in physical education from McGill University, and was later awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws by the University of Saskatchewan.


Speech Topics

Cultivating Passion and Attitude The Winning Combination to Unlock Success
Mike Babcock is the only coach in the NHL to be inducted into the Triple Gold Club, meaning that he holds a Stanley Cup, an Olympic Medal, and a World Championship Title. Drawing from his decades-long career coaching hockey players to their peak performance, Babcock reveals that there’s more to success than skill. In fact, what really helps people succeed, what takes them to extraordinary heights, is their passion and their attitude. In his motivational talk, Babcock shows us how we can not only find our passion, but live with passion; how we can not only change our attitude, but cultivate a winning attitude. By transforming our lives in these two respects, Babcock shows us how we can step out of doubts and into the fulfillment of our goals.