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Matt Ruby | Comedian | Creator of Vooza
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Stand-up comedian and entrepreneurship speaker Matt Ruby shows you how to succeed in business by demonstrating, hilariously, all the ways to fail. Creator and star of the viral online video series Vooza, which devastatingly satirizes startup culture, Ruby’s talks meld creative business strategy and standup humor: entertaining, instructing, and cutting through the jargon of the start-up and business world to increase the humanity in your workflow.

Matt Ruby is a Swiss Army knife of talents and skills, all put to use in his deeply funny and versatile stand-up act about the anti-business-as-usual way of doing business. As the creator, producer, and star of Vooza, a video comic strip about the startup world, Ruby has aired  over 150 episodes, which have been viewed millions of times. Mashable called Vooza “the Spinal Tap of startups” and Forbes called it “viral video done right” and “comedic genius.” With a background in business, comedy, and the comedy of business, Ruby provides conference comic relief, germane as it is uplifting. 


Before producing Vooza, Ruby spent over a decade as employee #1 for the web application company 37signals (now called Basecamp), where he worked as a designer and media maker, as well as authoring the 37signals Manifesto and helming the 37signals podcast. With his current company, Fort Pelican, Ruby helps tech companies create writing, videos, and other content to broadcast their human sides to consumers. Likewise, his comic presentation addresses what might seem like boring or drab tech topics, making them interesting, educational, funny, and accessible to any audience—from suits to hoodies to everyone in between.


Ruby is the co-author of The New York Times bestseller Rework, which he describes as a “Zen self-help business book with lots of drawings,” as well as Getting Real, and Defensive Design for the Web. He is also the co-author of Signal vs. Noise, which was one of the top business blogs on the Internet. Ruby’s debut comedy album, Hot Flashes, is out now.

Speech Topics

Corporate Culture
Humor: Serious Business How Humor Enhances Workplace Communication

You're not funny—and it's hurting you and your company. You're not funny because you think serious business means, well, being serious. But the worst way to hold people's attention is by trying to seem serious all the time. Humor, on the other hand, is sticky. It's a way to get people on your side. It's a method of finding things that are truthful yet surprising. It helps you get at the heart of the matter and sound human. It's the opposite of jargon and corporate-speak. It builds trust and gets people on your side. Internally, it defuses tense situations, connects groups, and creates a more joyous atmosphere. Externally, it helps you give compelling presentations and create ads and marketing materials that entertain instead of feeling like homework. "Fine, but I'm not funny." You just don't think you're funny. Standup comedian and bestselling author Matt Ruby will show you how to mine your own experiences and job for comedic insights that help you and your business get in on the joke. You'll learn how to explore your own life and career to generate humor, the techniques that standup comedians use to create material, the nuance of status and humor, ways to integrate humor into your communications, and much more.

MCs & Entertainers
Anti-Business As Usual How to Fail in Business Without Really Trying

Sometimes the best way to learn what’s right is by seeing what’s hilariously wrong. Just do the opposite of everything Matt Ruby says and you’ll be on the right path. Jokes aside, what can you learn from the wrong way to start a business? In his hilarious and informative talk, Ruby offers a window into the trademarked hooey of business gurus and shines a light on the smart way to get a business off the ground. Through his humorous, provocative talk, Ruby shows how the status quo advice offered by the experts tells the wrong story. Instead, he offers up a playbook for anyone who’s ever dreamed of doing it on their own. Your audience members will leave with bullsh*t detectors finely tuned, rethinking everything they thought they knew about strategy, customers, and getting things done. And they’ll no longer be able to hear someone use the words “pivot” or “disrupt” while keeping a straight face.