Lyn Heward

A challenge for all leaders is keeping people motivated between big projects

Cirque du Soleil's Former Vice-President, Creation

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Lyn Heward | Cirque du Soleil's Former Vice-President, Creation
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Montreal’s Cirque du Soleil is one of the world’s most innovative companies, and Lyn Heward is a major reason why: for years she helped shape its performers, designers, and technicians into an artistic and commercial juggernaut. Her keynotes take you behind the scenes at Cirque and reveal how to ignite the creative spark in all of your employees. 

“[The Spark] is an inspiring tale about the power of creativity and the imagination.”


Lyn Heward was Cirque du Soleil’s Vice President—Creation and President and COO of the Creative Content Division. She managed the creative fire during much of the company’s history. In her speeches, she draws on her unparalleled experience to show you how to make creativity a part of everything you do. During her time as President and COO of the Creative Content Division, Heward helped guide Cirque masterworks such as Varekai, La Nouba, ‘O,’ Dralion, Zumanity and KA. Drawing on her experiences, Heward also authored the critically acclaimed book The Spark: Igniting the Creative Fire That Lives Within Us All.


Heward was also an associate producer for a segment of the closing ceremonies of the 2006 Winter Olympics.


“Lyn blew me away from the outset. She owned the stage, she drew us in, she told us captivating stories, she made us laugh, she made us gasp in awe at Cirque du Soleil’s feats of human endeavour. She was, quite literally, the apex of a great festival of creativity. Her seven ideas of unlocking creative talent were particularly relevant to our business, and the stories she used to illustrate them were a vivid reminder of the importance of lateral thinking, talent management, commitment to excellence bravery, doing what’s never done before.”

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Speech Topics

The Spark Igniting the Creative Fire That Lives Within Us All
In her magnificent keynote, Heward takes you behind the scenes of Cirque du Soleil to explore the nature of creativity and innovation. A gifted storyteller, she dispenses practical advice on a range of issues: risk-taking; leadership; teamwork; product development; finding and developing talent; and fostering a dynamic corporate culture. With authority, Heward helps you find the creative spark and zeal for innovation that, in today’s business climate, can mean the difference between success and failure.