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Joel Jackson | Founder and CEO of Mobius Motors
Lavin Exclusive Speaker

Joel Jackson is the founder and CEO of Mobius Motors, a venture building highly durable, highly affordable vehicles for Africa’s mass-market. A Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur, Jackson speaks on social entrepreneurship, innovation, and emerging markets—and how he combined those three things to build a game-changing company. 

Joel Jackson is an internationally awarded entrepreneur recognized by the Forbes 30 Under 30, Clinton Global Initiative, TED Global, and the UN. Before becoming the founder and CEO of Mobius Motors, Jackson worked on business strategy with an acclaimed micro-forestry social enterprise in rural Kenya. It was there that he first experienced the challenges facing millions of people throughout the continent without access to appropriate forms of transport. Jackson also worked as a management consultant, advising top Fortune 500 companies across Europe and North America. He is a TED Fellow and the recipient of the WIRED Innovation Fellowship and Echoing Green Fellowship.

Speech Topics

Driving Innovation How Mobius Motors is Reimagining the Car (and Transportation) in Africa
The majority of roads in rural and peri-urban areas of sub-saharan Africa are degraded. Import vehicles are expensive, not designed for an African environment, and incur very high maintenance costs. Enter Joel Jackson’s company, Mobius. Mobius’ vehicles have the key functionality and durability of an off-road car, fit for travelling and carrying goods for long distances on bumpy dirt roads. But they are not just building vehicles more suited to local demand. They are building a platform for mobility. In this talk, Jackson shares Mobius’ start-up journey, and how social entrepreneurship, innovation, and emerging markets came together to create an automotive company that is changing lives.