Jennifer Corriero

Co-Founder of TakingIT Global & Expert on the Net Generation

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Jennifer Corriero | Co-Founder of TakingIT Global & Expert on the Net Generation
Lavin Exclusive Speaker

Jennifer Corriero is the co-founder of TakingITGlobal—one of the world’s first social networks—which engages hundreds of thousands of youths around the world to make a difference in their communities. On stage, she looks at the impact of new technologies on classrooms and workplaces. Corriero knows what makes the plugged-in kids of the Net Generation tick. 

Jennifer Corriero is a living example of the youth-quake that continues to shake business and culture to their cores. Her keynotes focus on helping youth around the world realize the potential of technology, and on showing companies how to connect in a meaningful way with young people—as customers, as employees, and as partners. Just over a decade ago, at the age of 19, she launched the not-for-profit organization that has reached over 20 million youth from around the world who are interested in making a difference on issues that matter. She manages a team of 30 staff, 300 volunteers and a community of 400,000 members. 


“Corriero [and her co-founder] command the attention of many powerful people and companies. This fact is indisputably impressive. At an age when many of her peers are still baby-sitting, she boasts a three-page résumé filled with both corporate and nonprofit work.”

Fast Company

Corriero has worked as a youth engagement consultant for many companies, including Microsoft, and has travelled to over 30 countries speaking at conferences and events on youth engagement and the future of education. She has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader, serves as a member of the Global Agenda Council on Youth Unemployment, and was named by Forbes as one of 5 Innovative Rising Stars in Education, Healthcare and Environment. Jennifer Corriero completed her Masters in Environmental Studies and has also been appointed as Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Health at York University.    

Speech Topics

Corporate Culture
Fully Wired and Fully Mobile Understanding Generation Y

Corriero draws on her work in developing youth engagement strategies for some of the world’s largest companies, to help you understand this next generation of employees and consumers. How are they using new technologies like Web 2.0, and what do they now look for in an employer, and in a brand? How can you engage them—at work and at the mall—using these very same technologies? She talks about integrating technologies into everything from education to the workplace, and she shows you how today's youth are fueling the transition from old to new media in terms of social activism, business start-ups, and instant worldwide relationship-building.

Taking Our Place in the World Young People, Technology, and the World We Want

Corriero draws on her unique experiences—Microsoft consultant at age 19, one of Canada’s most powerful women less than a decade later—to help young people understand the opportunities that exist for them to contribute to, and shape, a more understanding, compassionate, and inter-connected world. Keen to make sure young women are at the forefront of developments in new technology, she draws on students’ questions and ideas to shape an interactive and rewarding discussion.

Technology, Education, and the Student Experience

This interactive talk shows educators the ways in which their students’ own experiences can be put to use to make the learning experience better, for students and teachers alike. Though many students possess great knowledge in various areas, most notably the Internet, it is often treated as separate from, rather than integral to, the classroom. Corriero knows first-hand that the classroom setting sometimes fails the best and the brightest in this regard. But this talk isn’t about failure. It’s about success—and the things educators can do to make their students vibrant contributors to their own, and their classmates’ education. A new way forward for student involvement and class interaction.

Gender & Sexuality
Women, Technology, and the Future of Work
Though career success is dependent on understanding and embracing the ongoing technological revolution, young women, unfortunately, have not been as inclined towards the sciences and technology disciplines as their male peers. Corriero understands the challenges that young women face in these fields. Having found success in the opportunities of new technology, she speaks with passion and insight about the many ways that new technologies are helping women take their rightful place in the new world of work—and providing them with more confidence, greater independence, and a brighter future.