Jeff MacInnis | Leadership Speaker, Adventurer, and Bestselling Author

Jeff MacInnis is an adventurer, explorer, author, and business consultant. His diverse skills—and noteworthy athletic achievements—have informed his decade-plus career helping organizations embrace the teamwork and perseverance that's needed to reach peak performance. An exceptional motivator, he's inspired audiences in over 2,000 seminars across 22 countries. 

Beginning as a competitive skier with the Canadian National Skim Team in the 1980s, Jeff MacInnis's exploits have ranged from participating in the Overland Challenge (a 25,000 km world spanning-race) to leading the first team to sail the Northwest Passage. That harrowing journey spawned his National Geographic story-turned-book Polar Passage. From these experiences, MacInnis creates adaptable, multimedia presentations for any kind of corporation or group. His Business Race program is a workshop designed to help employees set and achieve realistic goals with practical, everyday strategies.

Speech Topics

Race for Life

Humans have raced since the beginning of time, to survive and thrive. Now business is the biggest, most competitive race of all. This keynote takes the audience on an insightful look at some of the most challenging races ever: from Jeff MacInnis’ own experiences with World Cup Downhill Skiing, the grueling Eco-Challenge race, and the 400-year race to be the first to sail the Northwest Passage. Through these experiences, MacInnis has developed six “Race Principles” that he applies to history, politics, and business.

The Business Race Program

Inspired by the Eco-Challenge, this is a one-hour long safe, fun, and exciting world-class business challenge led by Jeff MacInnis and his team. Just like Eco-Challenge, the group is divided into teams of four, shown how to navigate with a compass, and given a passport with all the details. Teams navigate the challenging hour long route by walking, not running, and getting their passports signed at each checkpoint. The program takes the participants inside the Eco-Challenge, considered the ultimate human challenge. Insights include: momentum matters, course correct, encourage everyone, wise willpower, and directional decisions. The entire challenge is shot with digital cameras and video. You will have access to these images and video to remind participants of their race throughout the year!

Dream. Dare. Do.
With more than 10 years of experience helping organizations build world-class teams and increase their performance, Jeff MacInnis shares the teamwork and communication skills that fuel the momentum to create new opportunities. With custom-designed exercises and practical strategies, he’ll show you how you'll be able to achieve new possibilities.