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Gordon Campbell

The best public policy, the strongest governments, are truly about us—the people

Former Premier of BC; Former Canadian High Commissioner to the UK

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Gordon Campbell | Former Premier of BC; Former Canadian High Commissioner to the UK

As Canada’s High Commissioner to the UK from 2011 to 2016, Gordon Campbell holds a unique understanding of what Brexit means for our economy. Previously, Campbell was mayor of Vancouver during its ascent to one of the world’s most livable cities, and was the highly regarded Premier of BC for 10 years. In keynotes, he reminds us that we live in “one of the most open, democratic, striving countries in the world.”

“There’s no such thing as public policy that’s out there,” Gordon Campbell says. “It’s all about us—everyone.” He brings a reputation for innovation in public policy as a public thinker and has the ability to build and strengthen partnerships. As a leader and motivational speaker, Campbell embraces new ideas and knows how to get things done. 


Campbell’s appointment as Canada’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, in 2011, came after three terms as Premier of British Columbia, during which time he was named best fiscal manager among Canadian premiers by the Fraser Institute. Campbell began his political career in local politics in Vancouver. He served as Mayor of that city for three successive terms and spearheaded key urban regeneration projects and ground-breaking initiatives in literacy and cultural diversity.

A Vancouver native, Campbell received his MBA from Simon Fraser University. He spent two years teaching in Nigeria, and founded a successful property development firm in BC prior to entering politics.


As Premier, Campbell was recognized for his leadership on climate change issues and his reconciliation initiatives with Canada’s First Nations. He was awarded Canada’s Olympic Order for his Championship of Canada’s highly successful 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver and Whistler, and in 2018 was named an officer of the Order of Canada in recognition of his contributions to B.C. and his service as high commissioner to the United Kingdom.


Speech Topics

On Brexit Britain Leaves the EU—But What Does This Mean for Canada?

“Brexit”—Britain’s shocking vote to leave the EU—has caused tremendous uncertainty around the world. Immediately in its wake, stock markets sank in the UK and Canada, leaving many Canadians (understandably) worried about their economic future. As the dust settles, we turn to experts to help us understand the full international fallout of such a historic decision. As Canada’s former High Commissioner to the UK, and as a veteran politician, Gordon Campbell is uniquely situated to speak on what Brexit means for this country. First, he answers pressing economic questions: how might our trade relations, investments, exports and tourism change with the UK? And what will become of interest rates, housing markets, the Loonie and pound, and the US dollar? But Campbell also addresses the political and cultural fallout of the vote: what’s motivating the anti-EU sentiments? Are there parallels to be drawn at home? And what does such a move mean for our role as a Commonwealth nation? Regardless of the question, Campbell offers clear, fiscally astute answers on this momentous shift.

Today’s Canada: Creativity and Collaboration for a Global Leader

Today, Canada is enjoying a resurgence of global attention—meaning new opportunities, both at home and internationally. But how can we capitalize on change, innovation, and new energy? How can we continue to lead the world with our ideas, our values and commitments? And how can government and business collaborate to spark creativity, and build truly world-class cities?


In this stirring keynote, Gordon Campbell draws on his vast knowledge of our political and civic landscape to talk on today’s Canada: where we’ve been, where we’re headed, and what we can achieve together. A public servant of the highest order, Campbell spent three terms as the mayor of Vancouver—and three terms as BC’s 34th Premier—transforming the province into one of the most spectacular, and livable, places in the country. Whether championing the Olympic Games, investing in health care, education, infrastructure, and jobs, tackling climate change, or leading on Indigenous reconciliation initiatives, Campbell helped BC—and Canada—emerge into the twenty-first century. Now, with firsthand experience on partnerships and politics, and with the arresting presence of a natural leader, Campbell offers unparalleled insight into who we are as a nation: a place for doers and thinkers to collaborate, learn, invest, and grow.