Colm Feore

Good acting reminds us of human complexity, of the depth of emotion—and mostly, of who we are.

One of Canada’s Best Actors

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Colm Feore | One of Canada’s Best Actors
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One of Canada’s best actors, Colm Feore is known for his iconic roles in theatre, television, and film. Ranging from Shakespearian leads to unforgettable portrayals of Canadian legends to roles in major Hollywood blockbusters, Feore brings versatility and fierce intelligence to his work. In talks, he shares stories and lessons from his decorated career on the stage and the screen.

Colm Feore is a renowned, multi-talented, award winning actor whose career includes key roles in dozens of blockbuster movies and hit TV series. His amazing versatility was demonstrated in 2014, when he not only had lead billing in Spider Man 2 and a featured part in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, but also undertook one of Shakespeare’s most daunting roles, King Lear, at North America’s leading classical theatre, the Stratford Festival, along with the comic lead in the Restoration Comedy The Beaux Strategem. That same year, he filmed the series Sensitive Skin, starring opposite Kim Cattrall. 


On TV, Feore is perhaps best known for his starring role in the seventh season of Fox’s popular series 24, as well as for the acclaimed Showtime miniseries The Borgias, as Trudeau in Trudeau, for which he won a Gemini, and the cult hit Slings and Arrows. He has more than 140 TV and film credits to his name, including Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould, in which he played Gould, and key roles in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, Clint Eastwood’s Changeling and the Oscar-winning film Chicago, which won the 2003 SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by the Cast of a Theatrical Motion Picture. 


At the Stratford Festival, Feore has played the title roles in King Lear, Macbeth, Hamlet, Cyrano de Bergerac, Don Juan (in both French and English), Coriolanus, Romeo and Juliet, and Richard III—rivalling the great Christopher Plummer for most title roles at Stratford. He also has taken the lead in a number of musicals, including Fagin in Oliver! and Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady, as well as dozens of other classical roles. On Broadway, Feore was Cassius to Denzel Washington’s Brutus in Julius Caesar and Claudius to Liev Schreiber’s Hamlet at The Public Theater.
Feore’s portrayal of King Lear at the Stratford Festival was hailed by critics throughout Canada and the U.S. as “unforgettable” (The Globe and Mail) and “harrowing” (The New York Times). “It unquestionably catapults Colm Feore into the ranks of the world’s greatest living actors” (Toronto Star).


Feore completed a second season of Sensitive Skin and has had a recurring role on seasons four and five of the series House of Cards for Netflix. He played the Chief for Nathan Morlando in Mean Dreams which went on to premiere at Cannes in 2016. 


Feore recently wrapped the series 21 Thunder for CBC along with films Anon, with Clive Owen for director Andrew Niccol, and Bon Cop Bad Cop 2, the sequel to the hugely successful Bon Cop Bad CopFeore graduated from Ridley College in St. Catharines and attended the National Theatre School of Canada and the University of Windsor. A CSA Earle Grey Award winner, Feore was granted an honorary doctorate degree by the University of Waterloo in recognition of his contributions to Canadian theatre and film, a Legacy Award by the Stratford Festival, and, in 2013, he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada “for his contributions as an actor of the stage and screen, notably by bridging Anglophone and Francophone cultures as a fluently bilingual performer.”


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From the Stage to the Screen (and Back Again) An Evening with Colm Feore

Colm Feore knows how to play to any audience. A multi-talented, veteran performer with nearly forty years of experience on stage, television, and the big screen, Feore shares a wealth of lively and hard-won reflections on his remarkable life, on and off the stage. As an interview subject, he offers fascinating lessons and stories from his unique (and uniquely Canadian) career—tales of co-stars and directors, Hollywood productions and personalities, and deeper, philosophical musings on the power and continued relevance of the theatre today. Chameleonic in his roles, charming in person, and always deeply intelligent, Feore is the consummate professional—and makes for a mesmerizing guest for any event.