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Carrie Goldberg

In a world of weaponized tech and online abuse, it’s time to help victims win back their rights.

Victims’ Rights Attorney | Author of Nobody’s Victim (August 2019)

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Carrie Goldberg | Victims’ Rights Attorney | Author of Nobody’s Victim (August 2019)
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Fighting for victims of harassment online and off, Carrie Goldberg is the tenacious lawyer we need in a post-Weinstein, #MeToo world. Profiled in a major New Yorker feature, and with a memoir and TV show in the works, this charismatic advocate works at the intersection of social justice, cyber security, and human rights—and empowers victims, both men and women, to take back their lives.

“Goldberg is emerging as a new kind of privacy champion—less concerned with government surveillance than with the sharing and leaking and hacking of our personal lives ... She’s a feminist lawyer who has turned her own experience of coming under attack into a fighting stance: Gloria Allred crossed with Jessica Jones.”

The New Yorker

Having built a successful law firm from scratch—and one dedicated entirely to victim’s rights—Carrie Goldberg is a new kind of attorney: a powerful young privacy champion who fights back against perpetrators of sexual misconduct. As she puts it, her firm’s purpose is to stop “a**holes, psychos, trolls, and pervs” so that her clients—both men and women, as well as high-profile names like Paz de la Huerta and Emma Cline—can live their lives in peace. In her inspirational, practical, and compelling talks, devoid of legalese and brimming with hope, she speaks about the spread of online harassment, sextortion, and consent—and points to solutions within reach, including what each of us can do to protect ourselves and others. Her forthcoming book Nobody’s Victim: Fighting Psychos, Stalkers, Pervs, and Trolls,​ offers an unflinching look at a hidden world most people don’t know exists—combined with the inspiring the story of how overcoming her own abuser inspired Goldberg to open a victims’ rights firm. CBS is also developing a one-hour drama based on her life and work. 


“Carrie Goldberg is a phenomenal lawyer working hard to represent cyber harassment victims and providing us with inspiration”

— Danielle Keats Citron, Author of Hate Crimes in Cyberspace

In her groundbreaking case against Grindr on behalf of her client, Goldberg demonstrates an unflinching commitment to holding tech companies accountable for allowing malicious users to instigate abuse on their platforms. Her firm also collaborated with the FBI on major interstate stings, leading to the arrest of her clients’ stalkers, who had executed perverse, relentless, and vicious campaigns that destroyed the lives of innocent people. Furthermore, Goldberg has spent years fighting for underage victims of sexual assault, who have been punished by the NYC schools for reporting their attacks. 
Goldberg is actively involved in drafting and advocating for nonconsensual pornography laws on a local, state, and federal level. Her contributions to the 2016 Brookings Institution report on sextortion and the Interstate Sextortion Prevention Act were introduced to Congress by Rep. Katherine Clark and Susan Brooks. She is the recipient of a Privacy Champion Award from Electronic Privacy Information Center for her inspirational commitment to protecting an individual’s privacy in an age when, as she stated at the awards ceremony, “everybody online is a publisher, voyeur, and exhibitionist.” She was also selected by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star and Top Women Attorney in New York State, and she is on the board of the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, a non-profit that fights online abuse and discrimination.


“She is a true innovator and tirelessly dedicates herself to unmasking online predators on behalf of her clients. Ms. Goldberg knows that many of the laws on the books are outdated and not keeping pace with the digital age. To combat this, Ms. Goldberg finds creative and effective solutions to help uncloak predator anonymity to stop online harassment for her clients.”

Theresa Payton, CEO/Co-Founder Fortalice Solutions, LLC and former White House Chief Information Officer

Speech Topics

Activism & Humanitarianism
Fighting for Victims’ Rights #MeToo, Harassment, Accountability, and the Weaponization of Tech

As a tireless lawyer, Carrie Goldberg is attuned to the modern, digital ways people are destroying one another’s lives—through stalking, extortion, intimidation, blackmail and harassment. Regardless of gender, class, age, or career, we’re all potential victims because, like it or not, we’re all plugged in. But through ground-breaking legal work, Goldberg is affirming our right to privacy in a world where information (and humiliation!) are just a few clicks away. And in this hopeful, savvy talk, she pinpoints our unprecedented cultural moment and offers much-needed reassurance to victims that yes, they can fight back—and no, they’re not alone. Throughout her 15-plus years as a victims’ rights advocate and attorney, she’s taken down the worst kind of perps, empowering victims to overcome ruinous campaigns brought against them by unstable men and women. She’s organized her findings, now, into a taxonomy of offenders, which informs her legal strategy for every case: “trolls, a**holes, psychos, and pervs.” From Harvey Weinstein to the jilted ex-mistress, every offender she’s encountered has one thing in common: they’re each hell-bent on destroying another person’s life, but their methods differ according to classification. By explaining the taxonomy that’s helped her grow her firm from two employees to over ten, and how it’s been vital to her ongoing success, Goldberg stands not only as a champion of cyber security, legal reform, and victims’ rights, but as an inspirational leader. A woman who, by turning her own story of online harassment into a tool of self-empowerment and education, is showing us all how we can fire back, stand up, and not be afraid.