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Beau Lotto

Use principles of perception to adapt—and thrive—in an increasingly uncertain world.

Director of The Lab of Misfits

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Beau Lotto | Director of The Lab of Misfits
Lavin Exclusive Speaker

If we are to thrive in a rapidly changing world, we must learn how to change with it—and the biggest barrier is our own perception. Renowned neuroscientist and entrepreneur Beau Lotto has spent decades studying the way we see—and in his three-time mainstage TED talks (with over 7 million views), he shows us how to see differently. Most everything we do is an attempt to decrease uncertainty, Lotto says. His illuminating talks help us understand the neuroscience behind uncertainty, why we tend to fear it, and how it’s possible to unlock innovation, access creativity, and thrive in the darkness of “I don’t know.”

“Aside from being an accomplished scientist, Lotto uses illustrative examples and visual experiments to dazzle and to teach.”

The Washington Post

Beau Lotto is the director of The Lab of Misfits, a neuroscience studio that seeks to “break down the walls of the traditional laboratory” and study humans in their natural habitats. By inviting audiences to take part in his interactive research, Lotto is able to achieve more authentic results. The goal of his work is not objectivity, but adaptability. “The most successful systems are the ones that are adaptable,” Lotto explains. “Being able to have flexibility in our perception means we can adapt to a changing world.” His methods, while unconventional, are deeply interactive and immersive. The measurable insights gleaned from these experiments have led to organizational breakthroughs for clients as diverse as Cirque du Soleil, L’Oréal, and The London Science Museum.  


Lotto is a professor of neuroscience at the University of London, and a visiting scholar at New York University. He is the author of Why We See What We Do, and Deviate: The Science of Seeing Differently. In addition to his role at The Lab of Misfits, Lotto is the Founder and CEO of the sound-based AR company Acoustigram. He has spoken at large-scale events such as the G8 Innovation Conference, as well as for companies like WIRED and Google. Lotto has contributed to television and radio documentaries produced by influential media such as the BBCNational GeographicNetflix and PBS


“Beau lived up to and EXCEEDED everything that Pierre had promised me! Beau was able to engage and entertain our audience in a very important way, and, as Beau will attest, they needed a lot of engagement and energy! We had lots and lots of positive feedback on Beau’s talk, and it really started our day off on the right note.”

Program Director, TIDE

“Dr Lotto’s presentation was interactive, educational and entertaining. Both the client and delegates thoroughly enjoyed the nature of the presentation and it provided a welcome break from the seriousness of the meeting.”

Darwin Healthcare Communications

“Beau Lotto has been resident in the Science Museum for the past year. He has created a lab and a series of programmes that is like no other; it’s not too far from the truth to describe his time here as like having a Renaissance man in our midst – Beau blends art, science, curiosity, illusion and music to entertain children, adults and scientists alike. The programmes that the studio have put together with the Museum are also truly inspirational and life-enhancing… I believe that our visitors will be strongly influenced and inspired by Beau and the Lab, and our mission must be to get as many people exposed to this opportunity as we can.”

The London Science Museum

“Beau was great to work with – very creative, highly ambitious and with incredible energy. His communications skills are quite something to behold: when dealing with the volunteers from the public for the experiment, he held them in the palm of his hand and infected them with his enthusiasm. Respected by his peers and looked up to by his students he is someone who people like to listen to and learn from. I’d love the chance to work with him again.”


“I simply adore these talks. Beau Lotto is one of those who studies a specific subject, such as our adaptation to illusions, primarily optical, that can be applied for any subject of human studies.”


“What a knockout! The feedback from all the members was fantastic, thank you very much.”


“Beau artfully challenged the perceptions of a large group of very knowledgeable and accomplished leaders. He is eloquent, humorous, and incredibly gifted at reframing people’s assumptions about what is true and what is possible, through a neuroscientific lens. Beau is the best speaker I’ve seen for helping leaders adopt the right mindset for transformation work.”

Senior Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development at Warner Music Group

Speech Topics

Embracing Uncertainty Using the Principles of Perception to Overcome Fear of Change

At a certain point in human evolution, uncertainty equaled death; it’s no wonder, then, that human beings today are a little fearful of jumping into the unknown. Unfortunately, our desire to play it safe is a surefire block to creativity and innovation. If we are to thrive in a rapidly changing world, we must learn to change with it. In this energetic talk, neuroscientist Beau Lotto explains why perception is our biggest barrier to creating change, and how we can overcome our fears to unlock our true adaptive potential. Audiences will walk away with a newfound desire to step into uncertaintyin love, life, and workand thrive.