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Andrew Ramlo | Vice President of Market Intelligence, The Rennie Group
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What does our changing population look like? How can you connect with an evolving consumer base? One of our most well-known demographers, urbanists, and planning consultants, Andrew Ramlo looks at what’s around the corner, including retiring baby boomers, the emergence of niche markets, and a workforce in need of new skills. He explains what these changes mean for both businesses and communities with uncanny accuracy. 

For more than two decades Andrew Ramlo has provided strategic management advice to leading real estate developers, investors, retailers, consumers and many of Canada’s most rapidly changing municipalities, crown corporations, and public agencies. As Executive Director of Urban Futures, he has conducted unique research on a wide range of topics ranging from labour force change and human resource management, to community planning and residential market analysis. As Vice President of Market Intelligence for the Rennie Group, Ramlo leads the Market Intelligence division in providing analytical and strategic support internally to the Rennie Group and externally to Rennie clients.


Ramlo earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban and Economic Geography from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in 1995 and his Master of Arts degree from UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning in 2000. He is a member of the Planning Institute of British Columbia (PIBC) and The Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP), and has held council positions with both organizations. He is regularly quoted in the national media and is a frequent guest lecturer at UBC, SFU, BCIT, and VIU.


Ramlo is a sought-after speaker for both public and private clients, as he has an uncanny ability to turn technical analysis and data into engaging, lively stories about the way we all live. With a focus on the dimensions of change—demographic, societal, economic and environmental—his research and presentations provide the background knowledge for strategies to address the challenges and opportunities that organizations and individuals will face in the decades to come.


“This is a thank you for the excellent talk you gave at the Practice Support Program dinner. The feedback we got was that your talk was right on the nail—well pitched with good information and insight (ie not too heavy on the data, which most people commented on was VERY interesting)—and with a good balance of insight and humour. Nice one!”

Healthy Heart Society

“Thank you for a great presentation. Everyone highly enjoyed your valuable content, energetic enthusiasm, and youthful approach of your presentation. You were exactly what the conference needed. I particularly liked your discussion about the aging and growing nature of the transportation industry, and the urgency of the labour supply issue in Canada. Thanks again for your participation.”

Western Transportation Advisory Council

“Thank you for your excellent presentation to CFIG yesterday morning. You accomplished nothing short of a miracle in delivering what would typically be very dry, although important, information in an entertaining and interesting way. Thank you for an interesting and thought-provoking presentation.”


“Andrew Ramlo was a pleasure as well to work with from beginning to end. We thoroughly enjoyed our pre-conference discussion with Andrew as he tailored the topic name and speech to our industry. He arrived to the conference early and made sure all was prepared prior to him presenting to the crowd.”

Grain Farmers of Ontario

Speech Topics

Change Management
The Future of Labour Supply Where the Jobs Are

In the coming decades, Canada's population born between 1946 and 1965 will age into the third—and final—stage of their lifecycle. Employers now face the difficult challenge of managing labour supply issues: where will new employees come from, what will their needs be, and how slowly will the labour force grow? In this talk, which can be customized to your industry, Ramlo explores the potential opportunities that will arise with this demographic shift, in a world increasingly characterized by change. With product and business lifecycles shortening, the range of jobs (and careers) that the next generation of workers can choose from will continue to grow. Even within a particular job or career path, the increase of social, cultural, and economic diversity will require the next generation to have a growing range of skills to adapt to this new demographic and economic paradigm.

Marketing & Consumer Behavior
Life Cycles and Lifestyles Strategies for Reaching Consumers

Is the age of mass marketing over? In this talk, Andrew Ramlo explains the dimensions of an evolving consumer base and the ways to market for tomorrow's consumer: customized to your industry. He explains how and why consumers are fragmenting into niches that seek individualized products and services. In a fragmenting market, it’s not enough to know about broad demographic changes; to succeed you will need to focus on the demographic, lifecycle, and lifestyle shifts within your target markets.