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web 2.0 and social media | Dec 4th, 2012

Innovation Speaker Douglas Merrill On Credit Risk: Big Data > Traditional Math

Traditional models used in assessing conditions for loans just don't work, innovation speaker Douglas Merrill argues. Not only do they not work, he says, but the rates that people without access to credit are charged to take out payday loans simply aren't fair. In an article in American Banker,... Continue Reading →
web 2.0 and social media | Nov 29th, 2012

Twitter Fiction Festival: Teju Cole's "Small Fates" Inspires A New Narrative

Recently named as one of New York's 100 Most Important Living Writers by Flavorwire, Teju Cole's aptitude for using innovative and provocative literary techniques has now also piqued the interest of the Twittersphere. This year's inaugural Twitter Fiction Festival, an online event celebrating the... Continue Reading →
web 2.0 and social media | Nov 13th, 2012

Alexandra Samuel: Spontaneity Trumps Spell Check On Social Media

"Learning to live with erratic spelling, incorrect grammar and even the occasional profanity," Alexandra Samuel writes, "is an extension of the trust principle you have to adopt in order to generate a lively, engaging and reflective social media presence." That's right, grammar police—content... Continue Reading →
web 2.0 and social media | Nov 12th, 2012

Social Media at Conferences: Misha Glouberman's How-To [VIDEO]

"I think, there's already a problem with people on stage and an audience," Misha Glouberman says, "where there's kind of a basic alienation between them." In an interview here at Lavin, the negotiations speaker and communications expert shared his opinions on how to break down the natural barriers... Continue Reading →
web 2.0 and social media | Oct 30th, 2012

Vision Critical: Social Media Expert Alexandra Samuel Takes On A New Role

Social media expert Alexandra Samuel is adding another position to her powerhouse resume: working with Vision Critical. In a recent post on her blog, she announced that she would regrettably be leaving her position at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design in order to take on a more prominent... Continue Reading →
web 2.0 and social media | Oct 23rd, 2012

Tech Savvy: Alexandra Samuel Questions The "Social Media Policy"

You are what you tweet, comment, like or share. And, like it or not, Alexandra Samuel says that your online persona is directly linked to who you are—even when you aren't wired to the Internet. As she writes in a Harvard Business Review article, that's usually a good thing. "Many of us thrive on the... Continue Reading →
web 2.0 and social media | Oct 3rd, 2012

Tech Savvy: Lavin's Top Technology Speakers Dish on The Digital World

With the way we navigate and utilize the online world changing by the minute, it can be hard to keep up. Luckily, Lavin has some of the top technology speakers around; all experts in their field who are constantly analyzing the most pressing questions about the digital space. Not sure if you're... Continue Reading →
web 2.0 and social media | Oct 1st, 2012

Take Social Media Seriously: Lavin's New Technology Speakers [VIDEO]

"We’re way past the point where social media can be a little corner of your communications strategy," new technology speaker Alexandra Samuel tells The Globe and Mail.  "[It] is one of, if not the, main communication channel for most organizations.” As online marketing takes an increasingly vital... Continue Reading →
web 2.0 and social media | Aug 26th, 2012

Internet speaker Virginia Heffernan Says Amazon is Now an Online Content Producer

When Amazon started to categorize purchases of its political books as either "red" or "blue," the mega-retailer became, in essence, a media company—a producer of content. So says Internet speaker Virginia Heffernan. Amazon, she argues, is "not a virtual bookstore anymore. Instead, it’s an immersive... Continue Reading →
web 2.0 and social media | Aug 23rd, 2012

Internet Speaker Sue Gardner, of Wikipedia, is One of Forbes' Most Powerful Women

Sue Gardner, the Executive Director of the WikiMedia Foundation, has something to add to her Wikipedia page: she landed a coveted spot on Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women list. That, and she's the only Canadian who made the cut this time around. Gardner, a brilliant Internet speaker, is a... Continue Reading →
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