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water | May 13th, 2013

There's No Global Water Crisis—There Are Local Water Crises: Charles Fishman

"First, and I think most important, there is no global water crisis," water speaker Charles Fishman told the crowd in a keynote at the Rotman institute, "there are a thousand, or maybe ten thousand, local water crises." In his speech, Fishman explained that there are common misconceptions about the... Continue Reading →
water | Feb 27th, 2013

Being Water-Smart Gives You A Competitive Advantage: Charles Fishman

As Big Thirst author and water speaker Charles Fishman reminds us in a new interview, our reliance on water is more entrenched in our lives than we even realize. We're using water even when we don't know it, he says. "Anytime anybody in the world punches enter on a Google search," he tells us in an... Continue Reading →
water | Feb 23rd, 2012

Charles Fishman: Bottled Water is Bad; Banning it May Be Worse

Charles Fishman is now blogging about water for National Geographic--a move that makes perfect sense, given that his book The Big Thirst, just out in paperback, is the bestselling American book on water in the last twenty-five years. One of Fishman’s first blog posts exposes the hypocrisy behind... Continue Reading →
water | Jun 1st, 2011

Charles Fishman's The Big Thirst is a "Deliciously Fun Book"

Flushing your toilet is about to get a lot harder to do if you care about water, says Charles Fishman. It turns out the average American is flushing 70 liters of fresh cold drinkable water via the toilet each day. It's a staggering number, and just one of many eye-openers revealed by a glowingly... Continue Reading →
water | May 15th, 2011

A "Torrential Flow of a Book:" Charles Fishman's The Big Thirst

In a glowing review of Charles Fishman's new book on water, Nature magazine writes: "The Big Thirst  is a delight to read—full of salient and fascinating examples, well-researched and laced with wry humour. It would be wonderful if Fishman's rant against bottled water converted every reader. It... Continue Reading →