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tiff 2012 | Sep 6th, 2012

History, Celebrity, Civil Rights: Top Documentaries at TIFF feature Our Speakers

This year, the Toronto International Film Festival has placed an emphasis on documentaries—and three of them feature some of our most-requested celebrity speakers! Free Angela & All Political Prisoners is a biographical account of the life of Angela Davis. The Central Park Five is the new doc... Continue Reading →
tiff 2012 | Sep 5th, 2012

Don’t Be Overly Respectful: Salman Rushdie Adapts Midnight’s Children for Film

 “Initially, I didn’t want to do the screenplay [for Midnight's Children],” Salman Rushdie said recently, about his decision to adapt his Booker-winning novel into a film. “But if I had said no,” he told The Globe and Mail, “we wouldn’t have been able to raise the money.” Set to premiere at the... Continue Reading →
tiff 2012 | Aug 27th, 2012

Bad 25, Spike Lee’s New Michael Jackson Movie, Opens at TIFF.

Bad 25, directed by celebrity speaker Spike Lee, is a gripping documentary that pays homage to Michael Jackson—the King of Pop—and commemorates the 25th anniversary of his album Bad. Set to make its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival this September, the movie takes fans behind the... Continue Reading →
tiff 2012 | Aug 23rd, 2012

Salman Rushdie and Deepa Mehta Bring Midnight’s Children, the Movie, to TIFF

Midnight's Children, an adaptation of the Booker Prize-winning novel by Salman Rushdie, is one of the most highly anticipated films to debut at the Toronto International Film Festival this September. It’ll be a busy month for Rushdie, as he’ll also be launching his new memoir, Joseph Anton.  For... Continue Reading →
tiff 2012 | Aug 22nd, 2012

Pakistan to Wall Street: The Reluctant Fundamentalist, a New Film by Mira Nair

Director Mira Nair’s hotly anticipated new film, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, revolves around the complicated, and sometimes scandalous, world of international politics—and, in classic Nair fashion, it's wildly entertaining while still having heft. It stars Riz Ahmen, Kate Hudson, and Kiefer... Continue Reading →