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the economy | Nov 14th, 2011

Daron Acemoglu: Increasing Wage Gaps and Lobbying are Dangerous

Daron Acemoglu, one of the world's foremost authorities on economics, feels uneasy about what's going on in Italy. “If Italy starts wobbling, it could be really bad news for the world economy,” he said recently to hundreds attending the 26th annual Henry George Lecture at the University of Scranton.... Continue Reading →
the economy | Oct 2nd, 2011

Daron Acemoglu: One of the World's Most Cited Economists Offers Solutions

One of the world’s most cited economists, Daron Acemoglu has made tremendous strides in answering the big economic questions that have obsessed us for generations. In a far-ranging interview with The Region, he provides a roadmap of fascinating recommendations for today's deeply troubled global... Continue Reading →
the economy | Aug 18th, 2011

Matt Taibbi Breaks Major Story on the SEC's "Orwellian" Corruption

Few political writers have the skill to take your rage from zero to ten the way Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi does. This week, the blunt-talking scribe broke a major story on the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), which sent other media outlets—The New York Times, Bloomberg, everyone—scrambling to... Continue Reading →