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ted speakers | Jan 28th, 2019

Photojournalist and Lavin Speaker Eman Mohammed is Now a TED Senior Fellow

An extremely distinguished position offered to only 10 individuals per year, the TED Senior Fellows program supports visionary artists, scientists, doctors, activists, entrepreneurs and beyond whose work makes the world a better and more equitable place. Eman Mohammed, one of the youngest female... Continue Reading →
ted speakers | Jan 11th, 2019

In Her Latest for The Atlantic, Emily Esfahani Smith Shows That Our Flaws Are More Attractive Than We Think They Are

“Often there’s a mismatch between how people perceive their vulnerabilities and how others interpret them. We tend to think showing vulnerability makes us seem weak, inadequate, and flawed—a mess. But when others see our vulnerability, they might perceive something quite different, something... Continue Reading →
ted speakers | Sep 12th, 2017

Seek a Life of Meaning, Not Happiness, Says Emily Esfahani Smith in Her New TED Talk

Our “single-minded obsession with happiness” is leading us astray, says speaker Emily Esfahani Smith in her just-released hit TED2017 keynote. Smith lays out the four pillars of wisdom that are not about banishing unhappiness, but rather, finding meaning within an emotional spectrum. “I used to... Continue Reading →
ted speakers | Apr 24th, 2017

LAVIN x TED2017: Meet the Talent Taking the Stage

The 2017 TED Conference is kicking off today in Vancouver, and nine members (comprising six mainstage presenters and TED Fellows) of the Lavin brain trust are there to speak in a diverse set of sessions that all center around the theme of this year’s conference: The Future You. Meet the people... Continue Reading →
ted speakers | Mar 6th, 2016

What We Learned from the NY Times’ Saturday Profile on Kimberley Motley

Last week The New York Times ran an excellent Saturday Profile on Kimberley Motley: TED Speaker, star of the award-winning documentary Motley’s Law, and the only Western litigator working in Afghanistan. While serving as a fantastic introduction to Motley’s inspiring work (and captivating... Continue Reading →
ted speakers | Jun 11th, 2015

Sparking Change at TEDWomen: Jessica Jackley in the New York Times

The New York Times has weighed in on the controversy surrounding Jessica Jackley's departure from the TEDWomen conference in Monterey, California earlier this month. Jackley (a former TED speaker herself) was asked to leave the conference after bringing her infant son - but after she tweeted about... Continue Reading →
ted speakers | Apr 1st, 2015

TED2015 Recap: David Lavin Shares His Thoughts on This Year's TED Conference

The Lavin Agency President and CEO David Lavin is just back from TED2015, his 10th TED conference. Back at home in our Toronto office, he shared his thoughts on the event—check out the video above. “It was the best TED conference I’ve been to," says David. "It was uniformly fantastic. Some... Continue Reading →
ted speakers | Mar 22nd, 2015

Can Humans Feel Data? Watch Neuroscientist David Eagleman's 2015 TED Talk

Can we create new senses for humans? Is it possible to feel information? Can we experience data the same way we hear, see or feel other things? What would a world where we’re not limited to our five biological senses be like? David Eagleman answered these questions—and many, many more—in his... Continue Reading →
ted speakers | Dec 16th, 2014

The Year in Ideas: 2014's Best TED Talks, Featuring Four Lavin Speakers

TED has just released its Year in Ideas, the definitive list of 2014's most powerful TED talks. We are pleased to see four talks by four incredible Lavin speakers on the list: Kimberley Motley on defending the rule of law; Eman Mohammed on the courage to tell a hidden story; Sarah Lewis on embracing... Continue Reading →
ted speakers | Mar 6th, 2013

TED Report: Nina Tandon, David Lavin & Cutting Edge Speakers at TED2013

As David Lavin says in this new interview, the TED Fellows are some of the most interesting and cutting edge thinkers in the world. As the President of The Lavin Agency Speakers Bureau, he's had the chance to rub elbows with some of these bright minds both here at the agency and, recently, at TED201... Continue Reading →
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