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technology | Jan 14th, 2020

Pushing Tech Forward: WIRED’s Nicholas Thompson Explores How We Can Learn From Our Mistakes

Technology has undoubtedly transformed our lives—for better and for worse. In his latest essay, WIRED Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Thompson investigates the mistakes we’ve made in the name of tech, and how we can push forward and rebuild what we broke.  “For several years now, we've been living in a... Continue Reading →
technology | Jan 6th, 2020

Fast Company Names Antisocial and The Age of Surveillance Capitalism to Their Must-Read Books on Tech for 2020

Looking back on the decade, it’s easy to pinpoint key tech developments that sparked a massive shift in society and the economy—not the least of which is social media. And leading business publication Fast Company knows better than most what those changes mean—so naturally, they chose Andrew... Continue Reading →
technology | Dec 20th, 2019

Optimizing Tech for Human Flourishing: Digital Theorist Douglas Rushkoff Featured on CBC

Once upon a time, technology was lauded for its potential to bring people together and strengthen human bonds. Today, our ability to connect is being threatened by destructive online forces that profit when we’re divided into increasingly smaller, radicalized groups. Featured on CBC Radio’s Ideas... Continue Reading →
technology | Nov 26th, 2019

The AI Effect Podcast with Amber Mac is Honored with Innovative Media Award

The CMA Gala—Canada’s #1 Marketing Awards event—celebrates the outstanding work created in partnership between client and agency. This year, The AI Effect podcast—produced by Accenture and hosted by Amber Mac—took home the Silver Prize in the Innovative Media Category.  Season two of The AI... Continue Reading →
technology | Nov 8th, 2019

Designing a Better Future: Tech Virtuoso David Rose Joins Epam Continuum as Resident Futurist

AR technologies have the potential to become our companions and coaches in everyday life. At least, that’s the opinion of David Rose—MIT lecturer, author, and former VP of Vision Technology at Warby Parker. Now, as Resident Futurist at Epam Continuum, Rose helps seamlessly integrate cutting-edge... Continue Reading →
technology | Nov 4th, 2019

WIRED Editor Nicholas Thompson Explores Facebook's Alarming Potential to Disable Democracy

As the Editor-in-Chief of WIRED, Nicholas Thompson published two critical exposés on one of the world’s largest and most influential companies: Facebook. Now, in a conversation with WeTransfer’s President Damian Bradfield, Thomspon discusses the backlash the company has faced for their... Continue Reading →
technology | Oct 4th, 2019

The Origins of “An Epoch-Defining Bestseller”: The Guardian Profiles Shoshana Zuboff

We’re being watched, listened to—spied on—by the technology we interact with daily. In 2019, that’s not hyperbole, it’s fact; and one that even the companies harvesting our data openly admit. What does this mean for the future of human society? Few have tackled this topic with as much impact, vigor... Continue Reading →
technology | Oct 4th, 2019

I, Robot: Seth Stephens-Davidowitz Explores Our Changing Relationship With Technology for NPR.

When we want to figure out where to eat, what to see, or the answers to our embarrassing questions, we turn to Google. Seth Stephen Davidowitz, a former data scientist for the search engine, explains how our search history reveals more about us than we know.   Seth Stephens-Davidowitz is the... Continue Reading →
technology | Sep 25th, 2019

The Future of Social Care: Anab Jain Explores the Role of Technology in New Short

The social care system in the UK is in crisis, with many care workers currently paid less than a living wage, and a projected shortage of 400,000 workers in the next decade. Technology is paraded as a bright, seamlessly integrated solution—but what are the realities of such a system? Entrepreneur... Continue Reading →
technology | Aug 29th, 2019

How Does Tech Influence Modern-Day Communication? Nicholas Thompson Weighs In

How does technology intersect with different life stages? What is the narrative of technological development today, as opposed to a decade ago? And how does it change the way we relate to one another? Nicholas Thompson—Editor-in-Chief of WIRED—weighs in on the most pressing questions about our... Continue Reading →
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