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society | Oct 15th, 2012

Stylish People Can Be Comfortable Too: Kate Bolick, Wall Street Journal

"We've long accepted that high style presumes a certain level of suffering," Kate Bolick says, "as if feeling good were the antithesis of fashion, something to be indulged in private, when nobody was looking (e.g., sweatpants)." Writing in a new Wall Street Journal article, Bolick, who also penned... Continue Reading →
society | Sep 26th, 2012

Free Speech, Dissent, and Political Correctness: Steven Pinker [VIDEO]

Dissent, political correctness and free speech were three of the hot-topic issues that Steven Pinker, widely respected science speaker and bestselling author, tackled in a recent interview. In the video, Pinker argues that restricting free speech (especially on post-secondary campuses where ideas... Continue Reading →