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social media | Oct 14th, 2012

Your Brain on Social Media: Neuroscience Speaker David Eagleman [VIDEO]

How much of an impact does social media have on our brains? According to neuroscience speaker David Eagleman,  interacting on social media can play a prominent factor in our decision-making processes and even alter the levels of oxytocin in our brains. "It turns out that if you spend time with a... Continue Reading →
social media | Sep 5th, 2012

Now Taught in Class: Alex Samuel's Advice on Tuning Out Online Distraction

As lit screens continue to bombard us with a never-ending stream of information, social media speaker and occasional Atlantic blogger Alexandra Samuel says it's okay—sometimes—to unplug yourself from these “distractions.” A Singapore teacher named Jeffrey Plaman agrees, and is now teaching her... Continue Reading →
social media | Jul 25th, 2012

Share, Listen, Watch: Social Media Expert Amber Mac at Social Mix 2012

Social media expert Amber Mac spoke today at Social Mix 2012, and Twitter—via the #SoMix2012 hashtag—lit up immediately. The event, which brought together top online branding innovators, is a special fundraiser for the Remix Project, a Toronto-based program to give young people from disadvantaged,... Continue Reading →
social media | Jan 16th, 2012

You Are What You Tweet: Amber Mac on Personal Online Branding

“U R What You Tweet.” So says social media speaker Amber Mac in her latest Fast Company article about navigating the potentially treacherous—but rewarding—terrain of building an online personal brand. It’s a hot topic for 2012, and Amber, a TV host, consultant and bestselling author, offers five... Continue Reading →
social media | Jan 8th, 2012

Alex Samuel: Ten Reasons to Stop Apologizing for Your Online Life

In her forceful and at times highly personal talk at TEDx Victoria, Alexandra Samuel spoke on the importance of online life, which is too often—and too easily—discredited as not being "real." We have even created an acronym (I.R.L.: "In Real Life") to further separate our offline selves from our... Continue Reading →
social media | Oct 27th, 2011

Alex Samuel: How Companies and Governments Cope with Social Media

Social media speaker Alexandra Samuel has an insightful new video about how to cope with social media overload—a new phenomenon people are experiencing at work and even at home. In the short and snappy clip, Samuel, head of Emily Carr’s Social + Interactive Media Centre, also addresses the... Continue Reading →
social media | May 29th, 2011

Going Mobile: Amber Mac on the Next Step in Online Engagement

Amber Mac, the consultant, author, and TV host who has chronicled and even enabled the growth of social media, is now co-hosting a new show dedicated to the next step in online and mobile engagement. App Central, airing on BNN and CTV (and, of course, on the web) covers apps for iPads, Blackberries,... Continue Reading →
social media | Feb 7th, 2011

Social Media Speaker Amber Mac Models for JACOB, Keeps it Real

In her book Power Friending, social media speaker Amber Mac stresses the importance of authenticity. Her dedication to this trait, in fact, is one of the reasons JACOB has chosen her as one of three real women (meaning non-professional models) to star in their new spring campaign. The other... Continue Reading →