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retail prophet | Jun 20th, 2012

Retail Speaker Douglas Stephens: Detailing the Apple Store's Success

Why are Apple stores better than most retail outlets? In a recent visit to the Lavin offices, retail speaker Douglas Stephens explained. Much of it has to do with the late Steve Jobs' obsessive dedication to detail. "What Apple was very good at doing was thinking radically," Stephens says. "They... Continue Reading →
retail prophet | Nov 22nd, 2011

Doug Stephens: The Dismal Present, and Bright Future, of Online Shopping

In a recent interview, Doug Stephens discussed Canada's dreadful e-commerce vacuum as well as—his favorite topic—the future of retail. As Stephens points out, 96% of Canadian households have high-speed internet access, yet only 8% of Canadian businesses do business online. This discrepancy is much... Continue Reading →