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retail | Apr 13th, 2021

Retail Futurist Doug Stephens Weighs In on the Crash of an Industry — and Prepares For Its Rebirth

In Resurrecting Retail (OUT TODAY!), internationally renowned futurist and bestselling author Doug Stephens not only explores the massive upheaval happening in retail today; he also outlines an inspiring and actionable plan for its future in the post-pandemic world.   A gripping exploration,... Continue Reading →
retail | Mar 13th, 2020

Retail Futurist Doug Stephens Explores How Coronavirus Will Change Consumer Behaviour

In the latest Business of Fashion podcast, Doug Stephens explains how the pandemic will affect retailers—and what they can do to stay above water.  The rapid spread of coronavirus, or COVID19, has prompted drastic measures from corporations and governments around the world, as well as a surge in... Continue Reading →
retail | Feb 26th, 2020

Joe Jackman’s The Reinventionist Mindset Gives Retail Leaders a Competitive Edge

Retail veteran Joe Jackman has helped revive countless ailing retailers—from Old Navy to Duane Reade—back to growth and relevance in the 21st century. His new book, The Reinventionist Mindset, crystallizes his decades of experience into a guidebook for leaders grappling with tremendous change.... Continue Reading →
retail | Dec 3rd, 2019

In Brands We Trust: Retail Prophet Doug Stephens Explains Why Companies Are the New Communities

For his latest article in The Business of Fashion, retail futurist Doug Stephens explains why brands have stepped up to fill the void of belonging and meaning left behind by America’s declining institutions.   Once a pillar of social civility and community, the government today has become so... Continue Reading →
retail | Sep 20th, 2019

Doug Stephens Joins the Voice of Retail to Discuss the Rapid-Fire Change in the Industry

Retail prophet Doug Stephens breaks down the challenges retailers face in today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected, digital world.   Businesses that grew to prominence in the industrial era may have whiplash at the sheer speed of change happening in today’s age of mobile phones and internet shopping.... Continue Reading →
retail | Sep 11th, 2019

Curious About the Future of Retail? Two of Lavin's Retail Experts Will Answer Your Questions.

The retail industry has undergone a massive, unprecedented transformation in the last few years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Retail Reinventionist Joe Jackman and Retail Futurist Doug Stephens join forces to answer your most burning questions about the industry and where it’s headed.... Continue Reading →
retail | Aug 30th, 2019

Where Are We Headed? Doug Stephens Discusses The Past, Present, and Future of Retail

Retail Futurist and bestselling author Doug Stephens joins Tiffani Bova—“Innovation Evangelist” at Salesforce—for an enlightening conversation about disruption, the retail experience, and how brick and mortar stores can be the most powerful media channel.  “For most of history the people that made... Continue Reading →
retail | Aug 12th, 2019

The End of Amazon: Retail Prophet Doug Stephens Imagines the Mega-Retailer’s Downfall

Like Wal-Mart before it, Amazon today feels untouchable: a monolithic empire selling us everything from groceries to electronics. Retail Expert Doug Stephens illustrates the parallels between these iconic companies, and explains how, when, and why the e-commerce giant ruling the world today will... Continue Reading →
retail | Sep 5th, 2018

The “Conspiracy of Success”: Retail Visionary Doug Stephens Predicts the End of Amazon

Doug Stephens is a retail visionary—author, podcaster and consultant to some of North America’s best-known retailers: Home Depot, Disney and Google, to name a few. His latest article “The End of Amazon,” is as provocative as the title indicates, and a truly fascinating read—for retailers and... Continue Reading →
retail | Nov 27th, 2017

“The Future of Retail Is Amazon—and It’s Not Even a Retailer.” Listen to Doug Stephens’ Excellent New Podcast.

Doug Stephens’ new podcast, Retail Prophet, kicked off this week with an analysis of Amazon: “Amazon is not a retailer at all. They’re a data, technology, logistics, service, innovation and media company that uses each of these competencies to weave a sticky web of conglomerate platforms.” This is... Continue Reading →
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